Question Much Some Little None
1 I like to execute new projects and plans through their completion.
2 I have a desire to see healthy new churches begin in communities where they do not exist.
3 I have the ability to detect hypocritical tendencies in myself or in others.
4 I find it easy with unbelievers to turn the conversation to Christ.
5 I feel compelled to express appreciation to others for a job well done.
6 I tend to set the pace for others and refuse to give up in spite of difficulties when working on a project.
7 I get excited about giving additional finances that will further the kingdom of God.
8 I enjoy ministering to people in my home even when I would not consider them to be close friends.
Question Much Some Little None
9 I enjoy sticking with the study of a biblical topic in order to develop a complete and accurate picture.
10 I like to plan and introduce exciting new projects and ministries but do not enjoy in getting bogged down in the details to make them happen.
11 I feel the sufferings of people so deeply that I try to help them.
12 I have a desire to restore those believers who have wandered from the flock and to bring them back into fellowship with God's people.
13 I feel called of God to challenge people to live the high and holy calling that God has set for His people in their daily lives.
14 I get a deep sense of satisfaction out of being able to do those tasks that free my pastor to pray and to preach the Bible.
15 I like to study a biblical passage systematically, considering it in light of its broader context.
16 I find myself suggesting practical alternatives to people who are faced with a difficult situation.
Question Much Some Little None
17 I seek to do things in an orderly fashion and will enlist others to participate with me in worthy endeavors.
18 I have found myself joining a church because of apparent weaknesses it had and through my involvement I was able to help correct those problems and strengthen the church.
19 I am able to spot weaknesses in a presentation that departs from Scripture and am not afraid to speak out when others are misled.
20 I often find myself in conversations with strangers thinking about whether or not they are believers and thinking of ways to find out.
21 I have the ability and desire to spur others to action when they slow down.
22 I am not afraid to take on difficult assignments that others may not want with a determination to meet obstacles head on.
23 I look for ways that I can save money or make cuts in my budget in order to give more to the work of the Lord.
24 I enjoy providing housing and food for missionaries, evangelists, youth groups or others who may be in need of housing.
Question Much Some Little None
25 I like to do a thorough study of a biblical passage or topic until it is completed in all of its details.
26 God has given me the ability to inspire others to approve and support farsighted plans.
27 I will sometimes try to get others involved with me in meeting the physical needs of people.
28 I have a passion to feed God's people with the truth of Scripture so they can see its relevance and application for their lives
29 When I open the Bible I urge people to respond immediately to the biblical message in a practical way.
30 I don't mind being asked to do those tasks that are sometimes time consuming and tedious.
31 Apart from my quiet time, I take time from other things in order to study the Bible and to dig into its truths.
32 God has given me the ability to understand complex passages of Scripture quickly and to pick out the main points so that myself and others can make application to our lives.
Question Much Some Little None
33 I like to follow established policies and procedures but sometimes I get so involved in a program that people can get neglected.
34 I find myself burdened to do something when I see a community that does not have a strong Bible believing church.
35 I trust personal insight to detect when people are not what they claim to be.
36 I have shared my faith with many nonbelievers at work and/or school and in my neighborhood.
37 I tend to think through ways in which to encourage people to change their behavio
38 I am able to approach the future with patience and confidence to achieve a goal that I know God has called me to accomplish.
39 I am not irritated or offended when the church leadership asks for extra money to meet special missionary needs.
40 People have often commented after spending time in my home that they have felt welcomed, loved, and refreshed.
Question Much Some Little None
41 I enjoy accumulating and organizing biblical information and ideas that are essential to the growth of God's people.
42 God has given me the ability to persuade others to take part in worthy programs that will further His kingdom.
43 My heart hurts when I see other people suffering from a lack of basic needs and I am moved to do what I can to help them.
44 God has put it in my heart to guard His people from those who are proponents of false doctrine.
45 I like God's people to make a decision to obey once they have heard the truth.
46 I enjoy doing the behind the scenes jobs where I take on a supportive role rather than a leading role.
47 I enjoy studying the meanings of words in the Bible and knowing how those words relate to my life.
48 I find myself being able to see through the short and long term consequences of alternative courses of action one may take.
Question Much Some Little None
49 I enjoy evaluating the results of a completed church project or ministry and hate to see inefficiency because of wasted potential.
50 I am excited over the prospect of planting churches in areas where Christ has never been preached.
51 I can immediately detect teaching that is either contradictory to Scripture or not found in the Scripture at all.
52 God has used me to introduce many people to Christ.
53 I refuse to be discouraged by difficulties since they are opportunities for personal growth.
54 My tendency is to persevere in prayer when facing insurmountable obstacles.
55 I get frustrated when a brother or sister in Christ has a need that is left unmet because I was unaware of that need.
56 I look for new people in the church and want them to feel welcomed and accepted in our fellowship.
Question Much Some Little None
57 God has given me the ability to systematically analyze and explain Bible truths in a way that is understandable to His people.
58 I often come up with exciting new ideas and am able to persuade others to see their value for the cause of Christ.
59 I would enjoy going to a nursing home and wheeling elderly people around or helping them go for a walk on the grounds.
60 I get great joy and delight in seeing new Christians mature in the faith and become responsible members in the local church.
61 I do not mind taking a stand on issues even when no one else is willing to stand with me or even cares.
62 When I serve God's people I honestly do not care who gets the credit.
63 I spend extra time studying the Word of God because I love to teach and share insights from my study to help others grow.
64 To people who have come to me for counsel when facing a major decision I have found myself suggesting several alternatives they had not even considered.
Question Much Some Little None
65 I am able to recruit Christians to express their strengths or gifts in service.
66 God has used me to start new ministries in my church that did not previously exist that helped to strengthen the body there.
67 I am able to judge accurately those who suffer from mental illness as opposed to those who are demonically influenced.
68 I often find myself inviting unsaved people to attend church with me or to other evangelistic outreaches because I want them to know Christ.
69 My tendency is to stick with people and encourage them to achieve a task once they have completed it.
70 I often have the assurance that God will answer a particular prayer even when others do not think it will happen.
71 I have learned to consistently give beyond the tithe and God has blessed me financially such that I am looking for extra ways to give more money to His work.
72 I have found a deep sense of joy and satisfaction from bringing people into my home and ministering to their needs.
Question Much Some Little None
73 My tendency is to consider the study of a biblical doctrine incomplete unless it is related to the entire Bible.
74 God has given me the ability to quickly adapt and try a new approach when original plans do not go smoothly.
75 When someone is released from the hospital and disabled I would get great satisfaction from cleaning their home and providing some meals.
76 I believe that among my chief responsibilities God has called me to pray, study, and minister the Bible.
77 I believe the church would be much stronger if God's pastors would boldly denounce sin from the pulpit and call God's people to obey.
78 I am willing to assist and serve others by finding those tasks that need to be done to make the ministry go forward.
79 I beleive it is a terrible thing to open the Word of God in public without being carefully prepared to accurately teach it.
80 When studying a passage of Scripture I am able to quickly pick out the biblical principles that directly apply to daily living.
Question Much Some Little None
81 I like to see that once responsibilities are assumed they are carried through to completion.
82 I have a burden for world missions and try to think of ways in which our church could be more effective in cross-cultural missions.
83 More than once mature Christians have affirmed my ability to discern truth from error and good from evil.
84 I often am able to lead people to Christ that others have tried to win but were unable.
85 I am able to tailor a program of action in order to assist people with their difficulties and to encourage them to work through them.
86 I am not burdened by ongoing specific prayer that has not yet been answered but feel joy in persisting for God's answer.
87 I find it deeply satisfying when God's servants are helped and encouraged by my financial support.
88 I would not be uncomfortable with bringing a family temporarily into my home because of their need for food and lodging.
Question Much Some Little None
89 I enjoy a detailed and scholarly presentation of a topic and sometimes become irritated when a presentation shows a lack of such scholarship.
90 I believe that many of the problems in churches today come from poor management and inability of God's people to see the goal.
91 God has used me to bring comfort and relief to the sick, distraught, and depressed while remaining joyful.
92 I have a burden that people in my group grow in Christ by learning and applying Scripture.
93 I am not afraid to confront inactive or uninvolved Christians to obedience knowing that God's plan is for their very best.
94 I count it a privilege to do any needed task in order to help the ministry.
95 I am convinced that the Scriptures should first be properly interpreted in their original context and then applied to life.
96 I am able to quickly see practical solutions consistent with principles found in Holy Scripture to perplexing problems.
Question Much Some Little None
97 I am able to work with others in achieving a ministry goal and prefer to follow a plan without change once it has been accepted.
98 If God called me I would have little difficulty in leaving my home to go to a foreign land to help establish new churches.
99 I can quickly spot a person who is a phony when others may not discover this fact until much later.
100 I experience a deep sense of satisfaction when I have an opportunity to share my faith.
101 I feel compassion for those who are heart-broken and am able to verbally encourage the weak and wavering.
102 My tendency is to keep moving towards a goal in spite of potential problems and negative circumstances while clinging to a promise from Scripture.
103 God continually blesses me financially in order to allow me to be involved in endeavors that will further His kingdom.
104 God has given me the ability and desire to look for new people in our church and to help them feel wanted and at home.
Question Much Some Little None
105 I often study just for the satisfaction of gaining new information and then consider how this new truth relates to other doctrines I have learned in the Bible.
106 I find it easy to make a decision for the people in any group I am with and have the tendency to assume responsibility when no official leader is designated.
107 Those whom I have helped with in their physical needs have not felt that my ministry came out of a sense of duty but from a cheerful willing heart.
108 I get so concerned when people whom God has given to me to care for and lead drop out that I go after them.
109 God has given me the ability to preach with enthusiasm, passion, and conviction such that God's people are called to apply truth.
110 I enjoy helping others who are in charge and would prefer to work behind the scenes than out in front.
111 When I teach the Bible I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping others to get new insights and to apply it to their lives.
112 When studying the Bible I am able to arrive at the implications of what is being said with little difficulty.
Question Much Some Little None
113 I involve people in projects in such a way so as to achieve the greatest efficiency, getting the most out of available resources.
114 I believe that I can adapt to a different culture and if necessary to learn a different language to help start new churches.
115 I am able to perceive the evil or non Christ-like motives behind an action that others may not detect.
116 I am not afraid when sharing the gospel to ask unbelievers to respond in faith to receive Christ as their own Lord and Savior.
117 I am to come alongside those who need my encouragement and when necessary I feel obligated to point out sin.
118 I have a strong conviction that God is at work in the everyday events of my life and I believe Him and have seen Him work in situations that others considered impossible.
119 I avoid recognition when supporting God's work and I react strongly when God's resources are wasted.
120 God has given me a deep sense of joy and satisfaction from hosting people in my home who were in need of refreshment.
Question Much Some Little None
121 God has given me the ability to analyze data with precision, however sometimes I fail to see the practical benefits.
122 Typically I know where I need to be headed and am able to harmoniously motivate and influence other Christians in the same direction.
123 I feel compelled to assist people in need, especially those who are sick and suffering.
124 I believe that God has called me to guard, guide, and protect His people through the consistent exposition of Scripture.
125 I am not afraid to speak out boldly about evil in the church, in the society, or in government.
126 I enjoy doing the little jobs around the church that very often others do not want to do.
127 God has given me the ability to accurately explain Scripture in such a way that His people can understand and apply it.
128 I regularly and effectively solve problems using biblical principles.