The Salvation of Father Abraham

Romans 4:1-5
September 16, 2012 | Series: Romans |

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For the truth to be taught, it must be taught through that which has already been learned.  

The teaching of Paul's day said salvation came through some when Paul taught salvation by grace through faith alone, he was met with resistance. But in chapter 4 he gives two historical examples, Abraham and David, that show this is not new teaching, but, rather, thousands of years old.

1. The illustration of Abraham's faith.

It doesn't matter what Scripture means to you, what matters is what Scripture means...we must look at what Scripture says.

And so,In Rom. 4:3 regarding salvation by grace through faith (Eph. 2:8&9) it is shown to come from Genesis 15:6.  

The word 'reckoned' is a financial term. Rom. 4:3 (NASB pre-1995) Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.”  

though Abraham did not know Messiah's name, he believed that the Messiah was going to come and die in his place. 

When God promised Abraham that he would be the progenitor of a huge race, it was a turning point...he believed in the wasn't that he believed he would have a bunch of children...he believed IN the Lord.  

When Abraham obeyed God in Gen. 12, he, like Noah, preached God.

Gal. 3:6 &7 those who are the children of God believe in the same God that Abraham believed. He believed in the gospel...death, burial and resurrection.  When God said all the nations would be blessed in him, he was being preached the gospel. (gen 12). 10 years later (in Gen. 15) he understand, and in an instant he is is Reckoned to him as righteousness. 

We also know that Abraham was saved because, the Bible tells us that he was a prophet.   See Acts 10:43.

2. The application from Abraham's faith. 

In our bank accounts We can either earn money or it can be gifted us.  And in our spiritual bank account genuine faith is not worked for, it is a gift of God.  

BTW both Paul AND Jesus taught salvation cannot be earned...see Numbers 21:6 those who believed were spared from the snakes, because they believed in God's provision. 

2 kings 18 Hezekiah broke the bronze serpent because the people had turned it to an icon/idol. 

We have been bitten by a different serpent, the serpent of sin...and we are only saved by faith; faith in the birth, death and resurrection of God's provision. 

We have the greatest message people will ever hear...we have to share it!

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