The Faith of Father Abraham

Romans 4:17-25
October 07, 2012 | Series: Romans | | Topics: Faith, belief, Abraham, salvation, security

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Pastor Broggi

Romans 4:17b - 25

The whole point of discussion about Abraham in chapter 4 is to support the end of chapter 3 that states man is saved by faith in Christ rather than by anything we do.

Even today many sincere people believe that salvation can be merited by works.

Abraham (Israel's most famous patriarch) and David (Israel's most famous king) both believed what God revealed to them...and their faith alone was credited to them as righteousness. (Abraham's circumcision was merely a seal, an outward manifestation, of his inward position.)

If Abraham is the father of many believers, we would do well to pay attention to this model.

I. Abraham first received God's way of salvation. 

God progressively revealed things to Abraham. First, that he would be the father of many. Then, that this progeny would not come through an appointed heir like Eleazar, but through his body. Then, God told Abraham that Sarah would bear the seed of the nations. 

Given the outcome of all these improbabilities, ought we not ask, "Is anything too difficult for The Lord?"

II Abraham then believed God's way of salvation. 

Abraham responded to what he knew...he did not waiver and grew strong in faith.  Faith honors God, and so God honors faith. 

Abraham was also a prophet, and every prophet pointed to the coming Messiah or back to the risen Christ. 

III Abraham now modeled God's way of salvation. 

Abraham began living like he was saved. 


When we walk by faith we will claim God's promises. We will eat spiritual food (we will be in God's Word.)

When we walk by faith we will trust God's timing. 

When we walk by faith we will grow in hope. 

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