A Place Called Hell

*Revelation 20:11-15
February 12, 2012 | Topics: Hell, Lake of Fire, Judgment

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Sermon given by Pastor Carl Broggi

Revelation 20:11-15

Intro: Here the coming of Christ has already come and two groups will live in eternity. Five things about the Great White Throne Judgment.
I. The place of the Judgment, A Great White Throne.
II. The person undertaking the Judgment. Him who sat on it—is the Son of God. Acts 17:31
III. The people at the Judgment: from the cultured, rich, self-righteous to the poorest to the church attendee. Revelation 20:12-13
IV. The principle for the Judgment. God’s just punishment will be measured out to them according to their deeds. Revelation 20:12-13
V. The penalty from this Judgment. Revelation 20:14-15, Matthew 25:46, Mark 9:42-43 and Mark 9:47-48
Personal Application
1. The reality of hatred should make us aware of our sin.
2. The truth of Hell should make us passionate in our witness.
3. If I am not saved, the reality of sin should make me call out to Jesus Christ!