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Gregory, Durham, New Hampshire - How should Christians react to the now new law passed on same-sex marriage in all 50 states?

Jeremiah 7:30-34 verse 31 strikes me that God didn't know that humans were going to burn their children What do you think?  Was God surprised?  

Kelvin and Trina, Shelburne, NH - I have been in discussion with some 5 point Calvinists up here in the Northeast. I would appreciate some direction. I know if I can show them from the scriptures that their "Total Depravity (really Inability)" has cracks, then their structure is unstable.  1) How would you breakdown to a Calvinist Eph 2:1? They take that as so dead in sin you cannot make any decision--you cant even come by faith. They say dead people are "unable" to respond to the Spirit--being a natural man. 2)How they interpret Romans 2:12-16 as being Gentile Christians? They quote some theologians as support, such as Karl Barth, Augustine, Ambrosiaster, Charles Cranfield, and N.T. Wright. 

Lisa , Rincon, GA - Recently in our adult Sunday school class we studied and discussed 1 Tim 3:2 and the discussion on the phrase "husband of one wife" left me feeling unsettled since the views expressed by two elders differed, as well as those shared by adults in attendance. My search for the truth begins with what God definition/requirement to be considered married to another: a physical intimate union (sadly many experience before a "legal marriage")only, a civil ceremony with intimacy, and/or a "Christian ceremony" with intimacy. Having that first defined would be helpful for me; raised as a Christian, never deeply thought about before. If God bases marriage solely on physical unity, many men would be disqualified for elder/deacon role due to their conduct as young men before they got married. If He requires both faith and dedication of marriage to Him and physical unity, like example with Adam and Eve, than could we say that any marriage that is only "civil" would not be recognized by God and therefore if resulted in "civil" divorce, would not disqualify if since years past this same man has become a Christian, has a new life and testimony, and possibly a new Christian marriage. As time goes on, it seems like Satan is doing all he can to ensure that there will not be many men left to "lead the flock" anymore. Hummmm. One (strongest leader) elder shared that he thinks that the the intent of the phrase was not necessarily literal, but that it expressed a standard of the condition of the heart to be faithful to the current wife, if married, whether former wife died or past divorce was unavoidable and that each case needed to be examined individually verses a legalistic stand of only "one wife" in all cases. I understand that perspective and want to be gracious, but it does make things complicated for the individual church body to have to "make that call" on an individual basis and then give accountability to members/others as to why one divorced man in the church is qualified and another was not. I recently listened to your archived recordings on this topic and have always thought as you teach, but now I am struggling since our class discussion, and questioning WHAT is God's definition of marriage since the beginning of time . . . and now today? It should not change; God does not change. Secondly questioning Paul's real intent of the "husband of one wife" statement as clear-cut (legalistic)or really wanting us to examine the current condition of the heart of a potential candidate for elder/deacon and the "current" reputation, discerning as the disciples had to do with Paul after his own great change--having proved himself a new man. 

James - My sister and her husband attended your church years ago. I attended a couple of times when I visited and really enjoyed your teachings.I divorced my 1st spouse after she had repeated sexual relationships with other men. I remarried a couple of years later, and my current wife has felt that our marriage is not sanctioned by God. I've tried to point her to Matthew 19:9 as the answer to her dilemma, but she says that she wants to know what the original scriptures say exactly because people mess up translations. God immediately brought you into my mind because of your teaching style and previous sermons that I have heard.

Neil, TX - It concerns me that the vertical rainbow displayed by the White House on the White House North Facade supporting homosexual marriage is symbolically declaring war on the God of Noah and by having the violet spectrum on the west end and the red spectrum on the east end it faces His capitol city of Jerusalem.

When witnessing to a college student the other day I encountered the claim that "God" and Jesus never said the word "sin" in the Bible and therefore its a man-made concept added to the Bible.  Have you heard this objection before, and what would be your response?  To someone not orthodox to the fact that the entire Bible is God-breathed, many if not all of the quotes in the "God Friend" (WYLTKGAYF) tract are not direct quotes from YHWH or Jesus Christ regarding sin - unless the Is. 59:2 quote on pg. 11 is one, but its hard to tell because the context is so long that there appears to be a chapter break in the quote if it is indeed a direct quote from YHWH.

Is Andy Stanley’s church model purported in his book, “Deep and Wide” something that you agree with?  What do you see as the error, if any, with this model and/or with Andy Stanley’s theology?  


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