The Bible Line - February 2, 2016

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A listener heard Dr. Broggi talk about the books in God's library.  She would like to know what they are?

Does God have a free will?  

Marie, Savannah, GA: Since Orthodox Judaism has not accepted Jesus as the Messiah, how do they deal with sin on a regular basis beyond the once a year celebration of  Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)? In other words, since they no longer engage in animal sacrifices, how do they receive forgiveness of their sins having not "recognized" Jesus as their Savior? 

Mya, Springfield, Ga. What do you think happens to alcoholics when they die.

A caller heard Pastor Broggi mention a handout that gives all the verses in the Bible that hypercalvinists use to say people can not choose whether they go to Heaven or not. Is this handout available?

What is "The Law of Christ."

Seth: Pastor, on a previous Bible Line you mentioned that you had a Bible that does not have chapter or verse divisions. What is the name of that Bible, and what version is it in?

Gail, Guyton, Ga: My niece is 23 years old. Her mom does not approve of her boyfriend now fiance. All profess to be believers. Both homeschooled. My niece's mom and dad are divorced. Dad is OK with fiance, Mom is not. Mom will not give"blessing" for marriage. Mom will not allow younger 20yr old daughter to participate in sister's wedding. Should my niece be calling off wedding or should Mom's attitude and actions be ignored.

What is the definition of a born again Christian? 


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