The BIble Line - April 14, 2015

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When did Paul actually believe in Christ?

Jason, College Station, Texas: In Exodus 9:12 after the plague on livestock it says God hardened Pharaoh's heart. Again in Exodus 14:4 God says He will harden Pharaoh's heart in order to make him pursue the Israelites. This language makes it sound like God made Pharaoh commit his actions against the Israelites. So is God to blame and accountable for Pharaoh's actions due to God hardening of Pharaoh's heart?

If you don't tithe, can you become cursed or did Christ's death and blood cover that curse? Also, please explain the difference between giving and tithing?
Please explain why it is some people are so dogmatic about using the King James Version only. What message of Pastor Carl's can she listen to that would help her explain to her friend why other versions are acceptable?
A listener wants to know about Pastor Broggi's opinion of Jonathan Kahn, and the mystery of the Shimita.
What does Pastor Broggi think of authors who write about going to heaven or hell?


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