The Bible Line - January 27, 2015

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Jamie, Lilliwaup, WA : I was wondering if you are familiar with the book by Kirk Youngblood, Free To Be Wise? It deals with discerning God's will and the many errors via mystical methods prevalent today. If so, I would so appreciate your impressions. 

Should Jacob have said "No - you violated my daughter Dinah - you cannot have her." Similarly, should David have dealt with Absalom when he tried to take over.

We had a caller last week who said he was surprised to hear Pastor Broggi say women should not be pastors as this caller believes in equality between men and women. What does the Bible say about this?

Is the suffix "im" in "Elohim" referring to a 'plurality/majesty," and does this word actually support the concept of a 'trinity?' 

What is "The Lord Sabaoth" referred to in James 5?

Our next caller would like to know if Pastor Broggi has ever heard of Bible codes using equidistant letter sequencing and, if so, what does he think of this?

Barbara, Port Charlotte, Florida Dr. Broggi, thank you so much for your ministry. I came across your website about six months ago and love to read and glean from it as often as possible. I have a long list of topics upon which I would love your input, but I know I must restrict myself to a few and I understand if you cannot address all of these today. I would just like your opinion of 1) the Calvary Chapel movement, 2) Chuck Missler and 3) the documentary "A Lamp in the Dark". 

Abigail S., Beaufort, SC : Is it possible to have anywhere from one to eleven spiritual gifts. I remember you said on the sermon in Romans 12:6–7 that people can not have 12 spiritual gifts. On the spiritual gifts test it said I had 4. Do you think that is accurate. Thanks.


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