The Bible Line - August 18, 2015

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A listener seeks Pastor Broggi's reason for why people should read the book of Romans.

A caller would like to know why CBC had a "magician" perform last month?  Isn't that against scripture?

Betty, Crawfordsville, In. -  What are some scriptures concerning gambling? I realize gambling is not mentioned specifically in the bible but I know there are verses that relate to gambling?

Neal, San Antonio, TX - A creation science lecture is claiming the KJV used the Masoretic Text and not the Latin Vulgate or Septuagint in determining the translation choice of the word "unicorn".  I think you said the KJV used the Septuagint when I asked a question about Proverbs on TBL.  I'm confused on which is correct.  You mentioned you have read several books on the KJV-only debate and several are lacking in scholarship.  Can you please recommend which books on the KJV-only debate are the most accurate?

Deborah, Guyton, Ga. - Not to long ago I heard you say something in regard to Beth Moore. I was wondering about that because some ladies at the church I attend invited me to come to a Beth Moore bible study. I've done her study in the past, but that has been about 10 years ago. I had a pastor in the past stop Beth Moore bible studies but I can't remember why. Thank you for your help.

Angie, Bluffton, SC - Today's Island Packet published a disturbing article written by Rabbi Bloom. The contents were what you hear from any liberal theology group today who claims LGBT is something one is born with vs a lifestyle choice. So there is no need to belabor all that. My question is related to one of his comments which I am hearing espoused more and more frequently: "I...acknowledge the scriptural injunction against a man having sexual relations with another man. Yet, the Bible has many laws we don't observe today. How ironic it is that we choose some laws to be eternal while ignoring others?" What would be your response to this?

Titus 2 clearly describes the gender roles in the church.  If a pastor gives authority for a change in these roles, would he be considered an apostate?  Also, when some pastors are shown so clearly that they are mistaken, why don't they want to teach truth?  Are they deluded or just accepting "social norms" of what people want?



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