The Bible Line - February 24, 2015

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Is it possible to committ the unpardonable sin in this day and age?

A listener would like Pastor Broggi's opinion on ISIS, Islam, peaceful Muslims and the Q'uran.

A listener recently moved to a new area and the pastor at the church they are attending is an "old earth creationist." Is this a "deal breaker" for this man's family?

A listener would like Pastor Broggi to shed some light on Daniel chapter 7.

David and Amy: We are former members of CBC and greatly appreciate your sound teaching and wisdom. We have lived all over with the military and returned to the US almost a year ago. We emailed you last year while we were still in Japan and you advised us on the SBC and a church we were considering. We ended up having the SBC pastor come to our home where we questioned him pretty extensively for over 4 hours and visited the church for 6 months before joining. Things seemed solid even though we do not care for Lifeway Publications and a few SBC traditions.Recently, our church introduced Henry Blackaby's Experiencing God workbook for the Sunday evening program of study.  We purchased a book, and read some of it and found quite a bit of it to be very strange. We have researched the book on our own and decided not to attend the study. Do you have any knowledge of the book and it's content ? We are pretty alarmed by some of the comments from our pastor on Sunday mornings as he recently referenced " new revelations " he discovered in the book and a few other comments where he mentioned blaspheming the Holy Spirit which seemed out of context to us. We would be grateful for any information you could share.

Nate from Beaufort, SC - In Genesis 3 what would have happened if only Eve, not Adam, had eaten of the forbidden fruit?

A listener wants to know if its ok to get tattoos...they heard that Jesus in the book of Revelation had a tattoo.

A listener wants to know whether the web site "" (which reviews movies) is beneficial, or ought they not be reviewing movies that are obviously not glorifying to God. 

Gregory, Derry, New Hampshire: How can I possess effective evangelism? What are some ways to be effective in spreading the Gospel to non-believers as well as those in different religions?


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