The Bible Line - November 18, 2014

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Danielle: Are all the commandments applicable for today? What about the fourth commandment

Stacy, Hilton Head, SC: Jack Van Impe was speaking the other day about the threat of Islamization in the U.S. What does Dr. Broggi think about it really possible?

David, Hilton Head, SC: Does Pastor Broggi believe that the U.S. is under judgment from God?

Our next caller would like to know if it is scriptural for a couple to be members of different spouse was saved quite a long time ago and attends one church and the other spouse was saved later on at a different church so they each just keep attending "their" church separately. Does the Bible address this?

Harry:  What does scripture say about alcoholism

Neil, San Antonio, TX: This listener heard a speaker say that there is a Hebrew word that means both "Inn" and "Heart" - this was in relation to the Christmas miracle story.  Also, would an amplified bible benefit a student of God's Word?


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