The Bible Line - January 14, 2020

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Warren, Raleigh, NC: - My wife and I are born again Christians who are guided by God's Word and have experienced the joy of giving our tithes and offerings. As we approach the final chapter in our lives, what biblical advice do you have about dealing with our estate? We have seen money received as a poison in some people. We have observed foundations go astray as culture creeps into and poison its original intentions over time. And, we have experienced the legacy of our own loving parents as the remainder of their estates were passed onto us. We are open to what God will have us do with His blessings beyond our lives on earth.

A caller says that she is studying the Bible by reading daily The Daily Bible, which is an NIV version that is in chronological order, published by Harvest House.   Does Pastor Carl thinks this is a good way for her to do a daily study of the Bible?

What is the biblical point behind marriage? Why should we get married? I understand it is wrong for a man and woman to live together without being married, but why is it in God's plan for the majority of people to get married instead of the majority of people remaining single?

While I can see how certain actions God calls wrong like murder or lying are sins and have bad ramifications, I don't see what is intrinsically hurt by being gay or having people of the same sex be married. Why does God care if two men or two women are married? What specifically is hurt by this? I know His plan for marriage is to be between one man and one woman, but I can't seem to understand why He would call it such an evil thing and put it on the level of murder.

Abby, Summerville, SC - I recently saw someone say this on an account I follow on social media. This person claims to be a Christian. “When a woman is hit by her husband it is considered domestic violence, but when a child is hit by his father it is considered discipline. So then the question is, what is the cut off age of it going from discipline to abuse?” What are your thoughts on this and what is the Biblical way to explain non abusive spanking? This same person also wrote up her view that she believes Proverbs is speaking of a young man not a child in the verses speaking of disciplining with a rod and that the rod in the verses is not literal. 

Christians and non-Christians are spiritually starving to death because they are not reading God's Word...and they don't have have a hunger for God's Word.

Steve, What is the application for the passage from 1 Kings 13 about Jeroboam and the lion.

A caller was listening to a message on Search the Scriptures and she thought Pastor Carl was talking about Campus Crusade for Christ.  She couldn't hear the entire message but she thinks he was mentioning that they are now endorsing the gay lifestyle.  Did she hear correctly?

Anonymous from Alabama - I know that the Bible states that we must honor our mother and father, but what is a Christian to do when their parents are actively living in sin? How do I honor and respect my parents without respecting and honoring the sin that they commit? For example, if my father has an extramarital relationship, how do I honor him as my father without honoring the actions that he partakes in? Also, how do we love and honor parents that have committed horrible sins against us? Thank you!


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