The Bible Line - March 24, 2015

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Emmanuel, Cordova, Tennessee: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF REVELATION 1:6 CONCERNING BEING KINGS AND PRIESTS? Also, does the Bible address groups/organizations such as fraternities and sororities? If someone I know and love is in fact a member of one, assuming that they are unbiblical, what scriptures do I provide for sharing with them?

Beaufort, SC -  Do you believe Constantine the Great was a Christian? Could you please explain why. There are a lot of opinions on this, so I am wondering about yours. Thank you!

Liz, Texas - Could Dr. Broggi help explain 1 John 5:16-17. 

A caller would lke to know if the Masons are a cult. This caller says that some Masons hold office such as deacon in his church, and when a member of the church dies, the pastor calls the Masons in to perform their rituals. Should pastors be allowing the Masons to take part in the funerals or should the pastors know better?

A listener has taken the Spiritual Gifts test and scored very highly in discernment. She would like to know what her next step should be, how does she use this gift?

A caller has a question about Is. 25:6. This caller knows Pastor Broggi's teachings regarding alcohol and she would like to hear his opinion on the aged wine as some use this passage to allow drinking of alcohol.

If God is a jealous God and jealousy is a sin and GOd is can that be?


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