The Bible Line - October 28, 2014

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Paula, Beaufort, SC -  My mother died 21 months ago after 64 years of marriage to my father. My father is a believer and will be 90 years old soon. His mind is good, but he’s been so broken since my mother’s passing. He misses her so much, and he’s lonely. He met an 84-year old Christian lady at the retirement community where he lives, and she wants to marry my father. My father is reluctant to marry again because he’s only known this lady around 5 months, and he’s afraid of it upsetting my sister and me, but he enjoys this lady’s company. I’m a believer, and I know the Bible allows remarriage after a spouse has died; but does the Bible give any guidance on someone my father’s age remarrying?

A listener wants some explanation regarding Heb. 10:26.

David, Hilton Head, SC - Where do mid-tribulational and post-tribulational believers back up their position?

While listening to WAGP last week, I heard an author Warren Smith and host discussing his new book Another Jesus Calling, stating that the original book, Jesus Calling is filled with new age philosophy. I am concerned since this book, Jesus Calling is used by many women I know, even those in positions of ministry leadership. I recently bought it on their advice. What is your advice concerning using this devotional?

Gina, Savannah, GA -I heard on the news this morning a story about a lady who bakes cakes as a home business and a lesbian couple asked her to bake their wedding cake.  She told them she was unable to do this as it went against her Christian beliefs and now the couple is suing her.  I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this situation.  Should a Christian refuse to offer their services, or should they use it as an opportunity to reach this couple with the love of Christ?  My first thought was that I wouldn’t want to bake a cake for them either, but then I thought about how I could be praying for that couple the whole time I was baking the cake.  What are your thoughts? 

Stacy, Hilton Head -   Is there a message that explains pastor Broggi's position on a pre-tribulational rapture? 

Jan, Beaufort, SC - The culture seems to be obsessed now with tattoos and body piercings; what does the Bible say about these things?  Are these sinful?

Edith, Windham, ME - My pastor is strictly king james. I am discouraged because I donot. my granddaughter doesn not have a clue as to what he is saying so she doen't come anymore. I own an NASB but feel wrong like I am sneaking behind his back. please tell me what version you use. are other versions so wrong. I am 67 have read kjv all my life but the word meanings have changed. but my pastor has not. young people are not coming .



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