The Bible Line - January 16, 2018

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A caller who said she was at a Baptist church in Orlando recently and the service seemed very theatrical and not like a traditional church service.  Is this trend becoming more prevalent as churches are becoming more inclined to be seeker friendly?

Steve, Clio, GA - How does time in heaven pertain to God since He is omnipresent...what about us when we go to heaven?

John L, Nashua, NH: Which English Bible translation have you found to be the most accurate to the meaning of original Hebrew/Aramaic (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) scriptures. Is there one or do I need multiple?

John, Manchester, NH - How do we deal with active homosexuals or say 2 people living together but are not married. in the church? Taking into consideration that Matthew 18:15-17 seems to only deal with a brother/sister who has gone off the Christian path and deals with sin. I am confused as it seems if the church does not deal with the issue, I am concerned that it will appear as being acceptable behavior and possibly leading to graver issues in the church. I think it appears that our church is being too liberal. Thank you and I love to listen to you on WDER in Manchester NH.

Stacy, Bluffton, SC - A book by Ray Comfort talks about the importance of using 'the law' in relation to those who might simply talk about coming to faith using the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract by Bill Bright.

Deborah, Guyton, GA - Dr. Broggi, I never hear of backsliding anymore. Could you help me understand what this word means according to the Bible?

In 1 Sam 28 - Where is "you will be here with me" referring to?


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