The Bible Line - November 25, 2014

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Dereena, Augusta, GA - What does the Seventh Day Adventist Church believe? Will there be Seventh Day Adventists in Heaven? I work with a man who is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and he and his family follow a church-ordained diet and other things that evangelicals do not. Is it a cult?

A listener wants to know if it is Biblical for a Christian to vote and what Scripture addresses this.

Nancy, Hilton Head, SC - I have a friend whose daughter is a lesbian, is married to her "partner" (they live in Maryland) and recently became parents to a baby. As a Christian, what should my response be to my friend as she talks about this new grandchild? Should I show the same excitement and interest I would show if the parents were heterosexual? Should I go with my friend to visit the parents and the new baby? Should I send a card or gift welcoming this baby? Currently I am just changing the subject each time this grandchild is mentioned.

Stacy, Hilton Head, SC -Now that a judge has okayed, so-called homosexual marriage, is Pastor Broggi's church protected from not performing these ceremonies?

Trina , Shelburne, NH - In Gen 22, God refers several times to Isaac being Abraham's only son. Why does he do that when there are other biological sons of Abraham?

Darren J, Beaufort, SC - What does dr broggi think of the teachings and principles of alcoholics aynonomous


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