The Bible Line - September 6, 2016

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Alan,  Decorah, Iowa - Pastor Broggi, Thanks so much for your ministry and teaching. I am in a church led by a younger pastor who is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate. The church is very loosely associated with Converge but went through some difficulties several years ago and went through a re-start process before he came. There have been no deacons or elders appointed and the church is primarily run by the pastor, the secretary, and a few volunteers he depends on. It is one of very few Bible believing and Bible preaching churches within a 30 - 40 mile area, and appears to be where God wants my wife and I working to reach others. Our pastor has become enamored with Perry Noble and his type, and has begun using some of his messages for men's Bible studies, ladies' Bible studies, etc. How would you suggest that I talk to him about the issues with the seeker sensitive movement, Perry Noble's specific issues, and the growth and leadership of our church body. Thanks so much for your counsel.

Sue, Beaufort, SC - My nephew in Tenn. just posted on facebook yesterday that he has just accepted the Lord. He is asking me where to start now. What is the best place to have him start so he can get grounded as a new believer?

Joseph, Lincoln, RI - In 1 Chron. 12 describes the tribes that join David one in particular stands out for me, the tribe of Issachar. It stands out because it says they were men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do. Then moving forward, to the criticism Jesus laid on the Pharisees for knowing what the next day will be like because they observe the sky yet didn't understand their times. My question: shouldn't a pastor be a student of history and culture along with the scriptures in order to understand the times in which he lives so as to properly teach his church regarding the times and what they are to do? Isn't he responsible before God to make the effort to know so as to properly instruct and perhaps warn the sheep? I find this is a huge problem and today's sheep are very naive following along without really understanding what they are doing.

Helen, Yemassee, SC - My husband and I received a divorce years ago but we are both unmarried. We discussed reconciliation and I made it clear upfront that I believe in abstinence until marriage(remarriage) but he says we are still married. Without going into detail of my biblical references, I'll say I do not agree. Please bring us greater understanding in iur situation. We are at a stalemate.

Izaac, Beaufort, South Carolina - My question is about the transfiguration of Christ in Matthew 17. I have been told it was simply a vision, and wasn't real, which confuses me because Peter recalls it in 2 peter 1:16-19. What is the Scriptural background to the meaning of the transfiguration, and why Moses and Elijah are there and more so how they are there since Moses is dead at the time, Elijah was taken away, and never died, along with Enoch from my understanding of Scripture. I'm looking for more insight on if Enoch, Moses, and Elijah actually "died" and how that correlates with "Sheol" being a place where the dead go until the return of Christ? It's all very confusing to me, the possibility of Moses and Elijah being there, and the idea of when we die, is it Sheol where we wait, or are we with the Lord immediately but without our body, or how does all that happen.

A listener has witnessed to his family for years and he has one brother who seems to be almost openly hostile when it comes to his quoting John 14:6.  The caller's brother repeatedly says that the caller has no right to tell people that they can't worship the God of their choice/religion.  This caller now gets a 'dark feeling' when he has a discussion with his brother.  What should this individual do when he has to be around his brother at family events when he starts talking this nonsense?

During the sermon on the 28th of August you stated that two pastors were preaching heresy but were not heretics. What do you mean by this or could you elaborate on how people can preach heresy but not be heretics?


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