The Bible Line - July 19, 2016

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Aden, Albany, GA - Is it not biblically sound for a Christian Marine or Christian police officer to kill or injure evil people in the line of duty? Relatedly similar question regarding defending ones self or family with force (including deadly force) to defend your family etc. Guess to put it another way how do we as christians reconcile the killing of our enemies with the love your enemy or turn the other cheek portions of scripture? So, what are some biblical references regarding the topic of christians in the 21st century dealing with something like ISIS? And relatedly is it wrong to wish to do violence to people like ISIS, rather than just feeling "love" towards them?

Caller from Beaufort, SC - What does the Bible say about Christians working at jobs that supply alcohol to people.

Lisa, Massachussetts -  In Exodus 20:8 "Remember to keep the sabbath day holy. You have six days to labour and do all your work; but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God; that day you must not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, your slave or slave-girl, your cattle, or the alien residing among you; for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and on the seventh day he rested. Therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and declared it holy." I visited your church's website and was disappointed to learn that your worship services are on Sunday. The seventh day of the week is Saturday. The Jewish people observe the seventh day sabbath and our Lord Jesus honored His Father's Holy sabbath and was not resurrected until the sabbath was over on Sunday morning.I know the Roman Catholic Pope about 535AD changed the seventh day sabbath to the first day of the week; Sunday (a pagan day to worship the sun god) to please the new, Roman Catholic converts and to take the "Jewish" out of the sabbath.Pastor Broggi, shouldn't we be more concerned about pleasing our Father by obeying His commandment about His Holy sabbath and not pleasing and fearing men more? I am searching for a church that honors God's holy sabbath. There is the Seventh Day Adventist on the southern tip of Rhode Island, but they ask new converts to abstain from "unclean" food but our Lord Jesus said himself that it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person but what comes out of your mouth. I have prayed to our Father for guidance in Our Lord Jesus's name about His seventh day sabbath. My heart is heavy with burden for my Christian brothers and sisters. We are to obey ALL of the Ten Commandments.

A listener would like Pastor Broggi's opinion on Christians reading fiction like C. S. Lewis' and others have written.  Where should a Christian draw the line on what fiction they should read?

Alexis, Panama City Beach, FL - Can you explain what a separatist is? I did a little homework but not really understanding the information I'm gathering. I had the privilege to talk with a young woman about her relationship with God. She quickly responded that she was a separatist. I ask her who Jesus was to her but was hung up on the fact I had no clue what a separatist was. Never heard if the movement. Can you explain it so I may be better prepared for such a conversation in the future. 

Has Pastor Broggi heard that the Anti-Christ would come from Rome?

Gina, Beaufort, SC - In reading 2 Chronicles 28 this morning I noticed in verse 7 there is a man named Elkanah. Is this the same Elkanah in 1 Samuel who was Hannah's husband?

Our next caller says that he has had so many questions from non-believers about when Christians use the new convenant vs the old covenant.  How do you explain to them where the line is drawn between the old covenant and the new covenant after Jesus Christ's death, burial and resurrection?

A listener has a friend who has a daughter who accepted Christ but is now living a lifestyle contrary to what the Bible teaches us.  Can she have lost her salvation or do you think she never had a true conversion?



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