The Bible Line - September 18, 2018

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Bonnie, Bluffton, South Carolina - I heard from a recent participant on your 2018 Israel tour that you told the group that the Ark of the covenant had been found. Could you please share more information about this discovery? Thank you!

A caller would like to know what the Scripture says about donating your body or your organs after death?

Alberto, Savannah, GA - Caller attends a church that says if you commit a small sin you won't go to hell, but larger sins send you to hell.

A caller who lives in Aiken and he's been invited to a Church of God service.  He is wondering if Pastor Carl can tell him if this denomination is secure in doctrine and in line with what the Bible teaches?

Leonardo, Enfield, CT  - I am studying The book of Revelation with you and am in the 8th chapter you are making a parallel with Mathews 24 in verse 6 Jesus tells them not to be frightened if he is talking to Christians, and I assume he is, why would they be frightened if they would be in Heaven at this point?

Michael, Ridgeland, SC -  1.) Several weeks ago, my Mom accidentally got both of her feet severely burned while hauling leaves in a wheelbarrow, taking them to the fire that my Dad had set. After several trips to the doctor, my Mom was sent to a burn specialist. Later on, she crossed paths with a family friend, who suggested that my Mom see someone that could "talk the fire out" of her burn. I have heard of this practice, and I was a little leery of my Mom doing this, fearing that this may be an occult practice. Is it? What do you know about this? Incidentally, my Mom took me to someone that could talk the fire out of my burn whenever I was a small child. 2.) Have you read the Book of Jasher? If so, is it a reliable source? I read the first eleven chapters online. Some of the information seems to line up with the Biblical account of Genesis, while some of it seems far-fetched. What is your opinion on this book?

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