The Bible Line - September 10, 2019

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Our first caller says that we know God knows our every thought but what does the Bible say about whether or not Satan can read our minds?

Why was Satan able to deceive Eve without God's permission but Job required God's permission to tempt him?

A listener saw a video about Benny Hinn recanting about the prosperity gospel. Has Pastor Broggi seen/heard this, and what are his thoughts?

A caller understood Pastor Broggi to say that we are saved by grace through faith, but that holiness will keep us going to heaven. How do we know if we are keeping enough holiness to see the Lord.

Is there anything wrong with the worship group Hillsong's theology?

Alicia, Graniteville, SC - I want to thank you for the great sermon on Revelation 20:7-10! The entire study was fascinating and really cleared up a lot of confusion regarding Christ's thousand-year kingdom. A lot of it is new to me, so I've been rereading my notes and the Scripture references, and that's led to some more questions..
#1 During the thousand-year reign, there will be death. Those who are born during this time and receive Christ--will they die, too? If so, when will they be resurrected? And where do they go in the meantime? (does Scripture tell us?)
#2 At the end of the thousand-year reign, it looks like after the rebellion there's a final judgment which is for the dead. But what about believers who are in their natural bodies who didn't take part in the final rebellion? What happens to them?
I realize maybe this isn't spelled out so clearly in Scripture, and at least we know God's got it figured out! Just wondering if there's any light you can shed on this. Thank you again for all the time and work you put into this sermon--it really brought a lot of Old Testament Scripture together for me! 

Charlie, Portal, GA: - What happens to those who have never heard about salvation?



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