The Bible Line - October 2, 2018

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Marie, Pooler, GA - As a listener of Search the Scriptures I value Pastor Broggi’s knowledge of biblical truth. I’ve been a born-again believer and follower of Christ since childhood. I was taught in non-denominational churches. Circumstances and family brought us to the Baptist church 5 years ago. We are losing our Pastor and I, being a woman have been asked to sit on a committee to search for a new pastor. We don’t have elders, only deacons. We are a congregation led church. We vote as a whole on the nomination. This is new to me and is weighing heavy on my heart. I’ve always been in a church that has elders along with deacons. They would conduct a search on behalf of the church. My biggest concern is not only the absence of elders but placing women on a committee to search for a pastor. Would you please let me know your take on this because I value your input in the matter. I’m praying and searching the scriptures for help in giving my answer to the call. I’m leaning more to saying “no” because of everything I’ve been taught about a woman’s role in the church. P.S. Any plans for a church in the Pooler area yet?

Hypothetically, if the Jews had accepted Jesus Christ when He was here on earth, would it still have been necessary for Him to go to the cross?

Michael, Ridgeland, SC - Have you ever read any of Flavius Josephus' works? If so, what are your opinions on these?  How familiar are you as a pastor with mental illnesses?

Richard, Hilton Head Island, SC - Please explain why we now worship on Sunday. 

Woody, Ridgeland, SC - In the NASB Rev. 14:14 The verse says 'A' Son of Man, whereas in the KJV  it says 'The' Son of Man. Would Pastor Carl explain how the translators choose to use the articular rather than not.


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