The Bible Line - November 6, 2018

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Debbie & Dave, Madison, SD - My husband and I are full-time RV-ers. I'm sure you don't remember us, but we are in Iowa, close to our grandkids which are 18 months and 4 (almost 5) yrs. old. Their mom doesn't know if there is a God; that's coming from the 4-year-old. We get her alone about once every three weeks, and God is our conversation. I am struggling to give her answers. Can you point me in the right direction to help her? Thank you.
Is there a distinction between a Christian who purposes to cause division and an individual who is simply pointing out doctrinal error?

Toni -  Do you recommend any easy reading material on how to talk to Jewish friends about Jesus? 

Craig, Pooler, GA - I have 3 young kids, ages 5,3, and 1. I’ve been studying the book of Revelation, and I thought of a question the other day. What happens to all of the children who are not of the age of accountability during the rapture? I firmly believe in God being just and in His sovereignty, but I was wondering if there was anything in the Bible that touches on this specifically. I am only in the 17th chapter, so maybe it could be in the chapters ahead. It’s a scary thought that they wouldn’t come with us, should the rapture occur tomorrow.

Anonymous - I am attending a church that is very small often about 10-15 people attending. about half of those are family of the pastor. I am not sure if I should change churches. The size of the church is not an issue for me and it is the only church in my town. The reason I am questioning this is the quality of the preaching and the accuracy of it. He is very pro speaking in tongues and is mentioned in at least half of his sermons. The other thing is that he will frequently say things like "Someone is having pain behind their right knee" or "Someone is having a problem with a back issue this week" and that God is going to heal them. This makes me uneasy and frankly is a barrier to me and my family growing in the faith. when he starts off with something like that I just tune him out the rest of the way and my wife says she is doing the same. what would you recommend?

What is the difference between a Hellenistic Jew and a Hebraic Jew?  2) In Revelation 22:18 we are told if anyone adds anything to scripture...God will add to him the plagues in the Bible. How do we define if different translations of the Word or different interpretations of Scripture are violating this?



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