The Bible Line - May 7th

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William R., Warwick, RI - My priest says that although Trump is not his favorite person we still must vote for him because of the abortion issue. Is that correct?

Angie, Bluffton, SC - What is the correct response to a request by an interdenominational group for a "dogma-free" Bible study?

I know that Africans or Africans Americans are not the true Hebrews, however, my church is wanting to move in that direction. Can you help me to articulate better why that ideology is wrong?

What local organizations offer pro-life support?

Timothy L. - God told Abraham that whoever cursed him, The Jews would be cursed. Jesus said that people would say to him that they did miracles in His name. And Jesus will tell them He never knew them. I was listening to your teaching on being saved. Question, your opinion on Martin Luther, who not preached on Jesus., but said evil things about the Jewish people. Would, in your opinion consider Luther saved or cursed? 

How does one determine if a pastor or someone in the congregation is truly giving a Word of Knowledge?  How do we know if it's truly from God?

Christopher E, Beaufort, SC  - I have a question about your Spirit-led view of Bible translations. I was raised from a child studying the KJV. As my hunger for wisdom of the Word continues to grow, I have also (over the past couple of years) begun to study the NKJV (John MacArthur) and the NASB (Hebrew-Greek dictionary versions). They are both, in my opinion, pretty good Bibles, but I think I am looking for something that is filled with historical/ cultural information from the times that we read about in the Bible. I cherish my MacArthur Bible for its accuracy and pointedness toward Christ throughout the entire Bible. However, my KJV Bible (by Finis Dake) has a great deal of historical information, as well. The problem is: I have come to question some of the footnotes in the Dake KJV Bible. Brief example: In regards to Matthew chapter 25's Parable of the Talents, the Dake Bible notes equate a talent to a specific dollar amount, while my MacArthur NKJV Bible describe a talent as a weight. (I truly hope this makes sense). I just want to ensure that the tools I have contain accurate information on Christology and theology. Also, are there any Bible versions that you would advise believers to avoid? I have looked through the Search the Scriptures website at the Bible recommendations and I didn't see any NIV Bibles listed? Is there any particular reason why? 


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