The Bible Line - May 21, 2019

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Ryan - What podcast does Dr. Broggi listen to if any?

Carl, Round 0, SC - It appears that Dr. David Jeremiah will be sharing the stage with Joyce Meyers, and Joel Osteen in an upcoming pastor and leaders conference called Jumpstart. I've always admired Dr. Jeremiah's teaching, but this concerns me. Is he shifting? Your thoughts please sir.

How does an unbeliever suffer in hell, they will no longer have a body so how will they suffer?

David, Portland, ME - Someone asked about their priest telling them only to vote for Donald Trump.  It seems to me this is becoming an issue among evangelicals but in a different way where they are where some are saying that "single issue voting" alone cannot push our party of selection and that we should give people freedom to vote for democrats if they feel they will do a better job on other issues.  What do you think Dr. Broggi?

Is the "state government" the modern church of Pergamum? And does SFC mean stand for Christ or sorry folks that compromise?

Has Pastor Carl heard of "Fresh Air Home" which is a Christian Camp off Tybee Island.  He wants to know if it's a safe place to send his child?

Beverly, Newington, Ga - What do you think of Leighton Flowers comments and books on Calvinism.

We had another caller who was listening to Pastor Carl talking about the state of America.  This caller would like to know if Pastor Carl thinks God will do what He did for Nineveh and Jonah?


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