The Bible Line - March 5, 2019

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A caller thinks it was John MacArthur who said in a sermon that grace and law do not mix...can Pastor Broggi explain this?  Can grace and law mix?

Please explain Rev. 3:14-16.  What is being cautioned here and specifically what is meant when He says "I will spew thee out of my mouth"? 

What actually happened with Jephthah's vow. in the book of Judges? Did he really sacrifice his daughter?

Vince - I have a question for you regarding marijuana. I do not smoke it, I don't drink alcohol or do drugs. God has blessed me with not needing to do any of that. I have tried pot a few times, never felt anything, which is good. I do not see anything wrong with pot. To me, it is a natural substance, not synthesized. Some people say it is the "Gateway" drug but I do not think that. I think that alcohol is. I know that you are against it, biblically, could you please explain why? Does it have to do with the bible verses that say do not drink strong drink?

Exodus this angel the Angel of the Lord?

Our next caller says that he has become disabled and obviously his income is less than it was.  He is wondering if he should tithe on his disability check.

Shirley - Why do you think Benny Hinn is a false prophet?

Jean - I was raised (but not fanatically so) Catholic. Question...having been kept at a distance from God's Word (the Bible) and separated by "leagues" of bureaucrats (bishops, cardinals, Vatican leaders, and finally the Pope) from having a real/personal relationship with God, will Catholics who do get to heaven be also "present with the Lord" , BUT in a distant and bureaucratic arrangement or location? I ask because many Catholics are good-hearted people (they just didn't, don't know 'better').... and they believe in this bureaucratic God.... will they still enter heaven when they pass from this world?  I don't know.....(your last two messages have provoked this question)...Thank you for shepherding us, with peace and light.



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