The Bible Line - March 28, 2017

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Jamie, Beaufort, SC - Hi Pastor Carl. Working on a bible study at home and we don't understand, Why did God judge everything and not just mankind? Example, Why the animals too? And also can you explain why in the old testament did everything need to be cleaned that involved a sacrifice because of the contact with sinful people?

A caller would like to know if Pastor Broggi has any messages on the promises of God?

A listener has heard some preachers with, what he believes to be false teaching, say that the northern tribes are the lost tribes. 

Lori, Maine - Pastor Broggi, my question is do you believe it is possible for God to give the gift of seeing evil spirits/demons attached to people? Also, do you believe that it is scriptural for a pastor to say that he has been given the gift of seeing these demons? The reasons for my question are my boyfriend has recently brought into his home a man from Pakistan who has received religious asilumn in this country. He claims to have been given this gift of seeing demons. He has also said that he has been given the gift of putting hands on people and being able to know their sins. I am very concerned.

A caller would like to know if Pastor Broggi has any book recommendations for raising girls for 1st-time Christian parents?

Partial Birth Abortion and Abortion, and its Justification based on the Health of the Mother.  Your thoughts on a a lady who counsels women at her church said that women pray with their families to choose partial birth abortion because the doctor said her life is in danger and she had to consider the future of her other children already born and dependent on her care.  (I don't know if the mothers in question are single-mothers.)  Therefore, they chose to abort the new baby in order to preserve their health and life in order to care for their remaining children.  

A listener wants to know why Pastor Broggi says that it is wrong for a Christian to meet with a medium.

Why would a Christian group want to have a cruise on the Disney line given their stance on the homosexual lifestyle.

Abe, Beaufort, SC - In Genesis 6 it appears that both angels and humans sinned, yet God punishes humanity, when He says that His spirit will not always dwell with man. Nowhere in that scripture are angels punished. Please explain. Thanks



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