The Bible Line - March 21, 2017

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A caller would like Pastor Carl to talk about how a congregation can encourage new believers as they try to assimilate into the church. Also, what are some ways a church can draw nonbelievers to attend the church...should members of a church have home bible lessons to encourage members and new attendees to get to know more people?

A listener  saw a You Tube video where Voddie Baucham indicated that he was not sure if Martin Luther King's Christian philosophy was solid.  The caller would like to know if Pastor Broggi knows about Martin Luther King's walk with the Lord and what Pastor Broggi's opinion is of Voddie Baucham.

Spencer, Locust Grove, VA  In 2 Corinthians 13:5, is Paul dealing with the believer's salvation and that they should examine themselves in regards to it and whether or not it's genuine? It seems to support what James is dealing with in chapter 1 and 2 in testing the genuineness of our faith.  Am I on track?

In regards to tithing, does "the increase" include money family members have given towards a college fund?

Neal, TX - Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott - a Roman Catholic - has prompted legislation requiring the burial (or cremation) of unborn babies by healthcare facilities (excluding the home).  I think it was discussed on TBL that God does not prescribe the burial of miscarried babies in the Bible, and therefore the Hebrews did not practice burial ceremonies for miscarried babies.  If this is biblically accurate (as opposed to extra-biblical traditions of the Jews not endorsed by the Bible) then is the Texas Governor imposing unbiblical Roman Catholic man-made traditions upon the State of Texas?  (I think you said that Texas was unbiblical in the past for allowing a thief to be shot and killed in broad daylight whereas the Bible only allows this at night when it falls under self-defense.)

Placido, Whitinsville, MA How similar will the millennium reign of Christ be to the pre-fall world? (Isaiah 11:1-9) The curse of sin will be lifted but to what extent? (Isaiah 11:6-9) Will there still be death? (Isaiah 65:20) Will men be born having a relationship with God (as Adam and Eve) or will they be born with a sin nature and totally depraved?


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