The Bible Line - March 14, 2017

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A caller would like to know  which version is the most accurate translation of the Bible and the one that Dr. Broggi would recommend?

Our next caller says that he was in a conversation with someone who said that he believed his pastor was a Mason.  First, was the caller correct to tell this friend that he needed to leave that church and find one with a bible-believing pastor and second, should the caller's friend ask the pastor point blank if he is a Mason.

Sven, Tallassee, AL - Dr. Broggi, I still love hearing you speak and miss CBC fiercely. Recently, some friends of mine are conducting a private Bible study about a sermon we heard on predestination. The sermon was very Calvinistic. We do not usually get stuck on denomination and we are sure that John Calvin did not intend for his theological study to become it's own denomination. There are many scriptures that support the idea of God's choosing those that follow Him based on His knowledge before the creation. My question is: Does God choose us individually and not others or do we all get called at some point in our lives and make the conscious decision to reject the gospel? I remember you preaching on this on numerous occasions, but cannot remember the details of the sermon. Could you send some links or notes on the subject, as well. God bless.

Mike, Bluffton - There are some apparent contradictions in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Please explain.

Luke, Beaufort, SC -  In reading 2 Chronicles 18, we learn of Micaiah prophesying against King Ahab. Verses 19-22 struck me, in that it seems to read that God allowed an angel to become a lying (NIV) or deceiving (NASB) spirit in the mouths of the false prophets. God is sovereign, but at the same time, God cannot lie. Can you help me understand a little better?

David, Bluffton, SC - What is the sin that leads to death referenced in 1 John.

Jon, , NH  I know many genuine God loving, God seeking born-again Christians that by grace have poured their lives into living according to the Word of God. The evidence of their maturing faith in Jesus surrounds them, and is a testimony to the power of God. These friends come from many different evangelical denominations. Some differences in interpretation/truth are small, and some differences seem rather large. So my question is, even though these differences may be small, why has God allowed his Church to be divided into so many small groups? Why does God allow this difference of opinion in genuinely sincere Christians that seek truth in the Word of God? Is it sin?


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