The Bible Line - June 18, 2019

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Bob, Bluffton, SC - Romans 11:13 in the KJV it says Paul is "the" apostle to the gentiles, the NASB says Paul is "an" apostle to the gentiles. Does this make a difference?

John P, Hallowell, Maine - Pastor, I am working my way through Exodus, and I just read the account in Exodus 24:9-11 when Moses, Aaron, and the others saw God. I am confused because later in Exodus—in Exodus 33:20–God clearly says that no one can see His face and live. I know there are no contradictions in Scripture, yet I am having trouble reconciling these verses. Thank you!

Alberto, Savannah, GA - If Hugh Hefner wanted to give $50,000 to the Southern Baptist Convention, should they accept. Also should we pray for Hillary Clinton to find Christ and realize the horror of her position on abortion?

Chuck, Bowdoin, Maine - Can you help give guidance in finding a biblically sound church? I live in New England with my family that includes young children and we have been unable to find one we are sure of. One of the most recent we attended had the bishop of the church as a guest speaker, and his sermon was all about "Who is Jesus to you? Because Jesus can be different for everyone and I want you tho think about who you want for him to be." ... which he said was the same sermon his wife was preaching at another church the same day someplace else. We are just visiting church after church without the real sense of what we need do to find the right place, and how to see through nice words to determine if it is a true church appropriate for our family. Thank you

A caller says he was recently asked "What is God's law" and he wasn't quite sure how to answer it.  Could Pastor Broggi address "What is God's law, why did He give it and what is the law's purpose".

If God is omniscient, why did He create man, since He knew he would sin and fall?

Pastor Broggi has mentioned that his children and grandchildren came to Christ at early ages.  Does he feel that many Christians overlook children and witnessing to them because they just don't think children can understand the Gospel?  Shouldn't we witness and win even young children to Christ and doesn't this show the need for Vacation Bible School?



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