The Bible Line - July 23, 2019

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This Bible Line was pulled from distribution because of a controversial question about vaccines which does not promote the mission of the Bible Line, which is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and which may actually cause division in the body of Christ...


Desmond, Bluffton, South Carolina - What's your opinion of Dave Ramsey? Especially with his recent statements, about people who are struggling financially, not to tithe.
Tina, Leamington, Ontario - I believe in the eternal security of the believer and don't think you can "lose" your salvation if you are truly saved but what confuses me is why if we are eternally secure does Satan still try to temp us and draw us away? Wouldn't his work be useless then?
Nick M., Okatie, South Carolina - Could the Anti-Christ possibly be around/alive before the rapture without his plan going into motion yet?
Anon, Portland, Maine - Is it wrong to refer to Israel as the holy land or for that matter to any place as being holy?
Rincon, Ga - My wife has been dealing with a certain situation at work with a coworker for about 6 months or so. She(my wife) by title is a supervisor for the front of the dentist office she works but yet her immediate supervisor does not listen to her repeated requests for something to be done with said coworker. This job which she once loved has turned to her dreading to got to work because of what she may have to deal with. I know she has prayed for guidance from the Lord as we both have together on numerous occasions. She has told me several times she feels as if He’s telling her it’s time to move on but also feels as if there’s nothing to move on to. Because it takes both of our incomes to provide for our family I have asked her to not leave until she finds something else. If it weren’t for me paying child support on my kids from a previous marriage I would be perfectly fine with her doing so without having something else to fall in to. Have I been hindering her in this situation? How can I effectively help guide her? Thank you for your for time, and I love listening to your program.
Emily, Crestview, Florida - A co-worker of mine asked me this question “why did God choose to send Jesus down as a Jew?” My answere was “because of the promise he made to Abraham, and Israel was/is God’s chosen people?” And he said that was not the correct answer? And I’m feeling a little confused so I thought I would bring it to you. Have a wonderful day!
Richard, Hilton Head, SC - As I was reading about the flood in Genesis a couple questions came to mind. How did all the animals keep from killing each other in the Ark and secondly after the Ark came to rest on Ararat, how did all the animals make it to America?
I hope you are doing well!  I am a fan of Search the Scriptures and have found many of the discussion topics helpful in my daily walk.  There is one area of our lives that we are uncertain, and that is the area of vaccines.  We want to live and dedicate our bodies to the Lord which is where we sit uneasy today.  He “knitted” us in the womb which tells me that if God spent that much time on us why would we need additional vaccines to protect us?  Also, I know that some vaccines used to use aborted fetal tissues in the vaccines; however, I think they have done away with this.  We try to live a more “natural” life in God’s honor, but I have a feeling that my thinking about this is not exactly on the right track.  Everything that I have studied seems to point to honoring God with our bodies, but I also don’t want to be ignorant as a parent.  I’m just looking for some biblical advice because I fear that we are putting our children at risks but at the same time, I feel that I am not trusting God.  Thank you again for all that you do!

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