The Bible Line - July 16, 2019

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Bill, Stephens City VA - Can a person who has become a Christian by professing their belief in Jesus Christ who formerly had been infatuated with occult matters become demon possessed after becoming a believer? I don't think they can, but I've never had clear instruction on this. Perhaps influenced by demons but not indwelled.

Thomas, Greensburg, North Carolina - Is Catholicism correct in it's teachings and are Jehovah's Witnesses correct in their teachings?

Judges 19 why is the account of the man who cut up the concubine and sent her pieces to the twelve tribes in the Bible?

Is the emphasis of drums in worship service and more of the contemporary feel found increasingly in worship services okay?

Alberto, Savannah, GA - In 1 Cor. 8:4 the apostle Paul says what's the big deal of eating food served to some people use that scripture to say things along the line of "what's the big deal about a transvestite?"

A gentleman who visited Community Bible Church last week wants to know whether CBC and First Scots Presbyterian are both solid, bible-believing churches and what differentiates them?

Doug, Nashua, NH - I understand your Israel trip is full.  When will the next trip be?

Ben S, Hamilton, MI - I'm one of your past Marines so I know all about searching for the right church. I got out of the Marine Corps about 2 years ago and we moved to Hamilton, Michigan with my job. We visited a couple churches and eventually found a great little church where we were welcomed with open arms. The community is awesome. At the time, the church was a satellite campus to a larger baptist church. I also spoke to the pastor of the larger church and talked through the church's doctrine and beliefs. I found the preaching to be great and the core values to be doctrinally sound. I became the leader of the church's youth ministry. My wife got plugged in right away with women's ministry. Shortly after we became members, the pastor was called to another ministry opportunity. We are now transitioning towards becoming an independent church. The larger church provided us with a temporary contract pastor to oversee the transition. Now they have completely cut ties with us other than paying 1/3 of that pastor's salary. Our tithes pay the other 2/3. My concern is mainly with this pastor. This is a tough pill for my wife and I to swallow. His preaching is underwhelming and it feels lukewarm. All sermons are topical, 25-30 min max and you see very little growth in the church. No emphasis to bring your bible. No invitations. No focus on evangelism. The pastor does not address conflict within the church and multiple families have left or are in the process of leaving because of it. We love the people/community but preaching was our #1 reason for selecting the church...and now it's not the same could become something great...but right now it's not...So...Do we see the transition through, find out who God calls to be our permanent pastor, continue to serve and seek to be fed through other means outside the church? Or do we run like the wind? 



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