The Bible Line - January 29, 2019

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Did Jesus carry a weapon?
In Exodus 4:23-26 where it says "The Lord met him and purposed to put him to death." Who is it talking about?
Henry, Beaufort - Regarding Mark 6:11, In KJV it says it should be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment; the NASB doesn't have that text. Why is that?

Are Roman Catholics really Christian? Do they believe in the five tenets of Protestantism? And what about their Bible?

Regarding John 10:34 and Ps. 82:6, what does it mean "you are gods?" Also, what is the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge?

A caller would like to know what scripture says about pastors evaluating other pastor's messages.  For example, when Pastor Broggi goes on vacation or is out of town and hears another pastor give a message, is Pastor Broggi (who may be better versed in scripture) called to correct him if something is scripturally incorrect?  In a way, are pastors called to "evaluate" each other?

A caller from Massachusetts would like to know what are some of Pastor Broggi's favorite books to read?



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