The Bible Line - January 24, 2017

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What does Pastor Broggi think of Matthew Henry's opinion about a particular passage regarding angels/mighty men (Nephylim) in Genesis 6?

 1.) Is Abortion Murder?  
A pastor of a Bible Church in Corpus Christi, Tx (who is a student of R.B. Thieme, Jr), explained to me that although abortion is morally wrong it is not biblically considered murder because the penalties in the OT prescribed for causing a miscarriage were clearly less severe and not the same as the penalty for manslaughter.  How biblically certain is the argument that abortion is the same as murder?  In Proverbs, God says not to add to His words or you will proved a liar - so is it sound for me to claim to others that the blood of aborted babies cries out to God from the ground just as Abel's blood cried out to God from the ground when he was murdered by Cain?
Who did Cain marry?
2.) Historical Significance of abortion in the Prophetic Calendar.
At the Democratic National Convention, women stood on the platform of the Democratic Candidate with full endorsement and boldly "shouted out their abortion(s)" to the entire nation and the whole world.  More recently, Hillary Clinton stood with Cecile Richards in support behind her on the nationally televised stage and proclaimed their unity and common cause in defiance and opposition of those who oppose abortion.  Cecile Richards also had previously founded an organization to oppose preachers and biblical preaching that teaches - based on the Bible - that women are not to lead or rule over men.  (She undertook this effort in reaction to Texas preachers preventing the continued governership of her mother, Texas Governer, Anne Richards; and it is a continuation of LBJ's censorship of Texas Preachers opposing his government corruption by instituting the 501-3c regulations prohibiting political speech in churches.)  Has there ever been a time in the history of the world where mothers stood in competition for the leadership of a powerful nation and proclaimed their willful extermination of their own babies in their wombs?  I understand that Israel practiced child sacrifice to Molech on hilltops openly, but is this murder of born babies in the history of Israel (as described in the OT) equivalent in divine consequence of judgement to the killing of unborn babies presently in America?
In Matthew 15:21-28, Why did Jesus originally say "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel"?


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