The Bible Line - February 21, 2017

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Ryan , Charlotte, NC - Can you give your thoughts/comments on physical fitness/health in the life of a Christian. This is something I have been thinking some recently. I think it's an area a large part of the Church has ignored. I understand the temptation to make fitness an idol and it seems that's why many ignore it. I also understand the Lord looks at the heart while man looks at the body... But, if the body is the temple, should we not strive to take care of it as best we can? I feel we as Christians jump to one extreme and ignore the balance of the topic. Plus, I think there are biblical examples of OT and NT Saints who modeled this. Curious to hear your thoughts.

Sarah - I know that there are still a lot of people who have never heard the Gospel or had the Bible translated into their native tongue. Do you know of some ministries that are doing things to reach out to those people?

Please explain 1 Cor. 15:28.

Stacy, Bluffton, SC - What is the role of elder and what is the difference between it and the office of deacon. 

In Judges, Jepthah makes a vow. Did he really offer his daughter as a burnt offering?

A caller says that there is a pastor who preaches absolute heresy.  This pastor challenges that if anyone could prove him wrong, then he would love to debate him.  This caller would like to know if Pastor Broggi would ever want to challenge this pastor in a debate or would he just advise to move on?

Please explain what the Sabbath Day that honors God looks like in the form of work, recreation and entertainment:  should a college 


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