The Bible Line - February 12, 2019

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Kimberly - I have a question about First Fruit Giving that is practice in my church at the beginning of the New Year.  Members give their best financial gift and the Pastor waves the offering. This will bless our life financially for that New Year. I have read Proverbs 8:9-10 & Leviticus 23:10-14. These scriptures talk about first fruit giving. I interpret these scriptures to be about farming and harvesting of grain. I would like to know more, please. 
Leslie - Hi Pastor Broggi I traveled to Israel with you and the church last May. The trip made me want to be a better scholar of the history of Israel and the Old Testament. What resources would you recommend that might help? (I have been a Bible student for many years, so advanced materials would be ok for me). Also, thank you so much for the occasional bible tips you give. Although I have been a Bible student for many years, no one has ever really taught me tips on how to find books in the Bible. I really should be better at that at this stage and the tips you give on Sunday really help.

Jeremy, Charlotte, North Carolina - If the Jews are in unbelief because they did not accept Christ, if they hear the gospel but do not accept Jesus and are left behind after the Rapture will they also remain in strong disillusion when the Antichrist commits the abomination of desolation or will they a second opportunity to believe in Christ?

Recently some people in Congress, other politicians, and some preachers have made anti-semitic comments.  These comments are influencing some against the Jews and this caller would like to know how this fits in with our study in Revelation.

A caller would like Pastor Broggi's opinion of Andrew Farley and his view of hyper-grace, confession, and the old and new covenants.

Richard, Hilton Head, SC - Is there a reference in the Old Testament about Judas' betrayal?

Chris, Hiram, GA - My wife and I are about 16 messages into your Revelation study and were wondering: Since babies and children who are unable to make a profession of faith go to heaven, we would also assume they would be raptured. Particularly, this adds to the unmeasurable chaos as one thinks about unbelieving parents when their children disappear and unbelieving pregnant mothers when their children disappear from the womb. What are your thoughts on this?


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