The Bible Line - December 11, 2018

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Our next caller is wondering why Jesus chose Judas as a disciple.  Also, did Judas go to hell?

Katie, Hilton Head, SC - How do we balance the understanding that believer's sins are forgiven, with the fact that we will have to give an account to God for our lives? What happens if we end up with a poor account to give? (2 Cor. 5:10, Romans 14:12)

With the progression of robotics and Artificial Intelligence, is it possible that there is a demonic influence with human created beings because these robots are so life-like?

Our next caller is wondering if there is a bible-believing church near Clemson?  He's wondering if Pastor knows anything about a large church in that a church that Pastor Carl would recommend?

Follow up on Judas question...Why did Jesus choose Judas if he knew Judas was of the devil?" (John 6:70)

What does Pastor Carl think of a situation where the pastor is in gross error and where an individual confronts the pastor, but the confronter is then singled out by the pastor and the congregation begins to attack the confronter as well...what should the confronter do?

A caller wants some clarity on 1 Corinthians 3:17 "is it possible for Christians to commit suicide and still go to heaven?" 

Kirby, South Carolina - My mother is an unbeliever, she and my entire family, it breaks my heart. They are Episcopalian, and I have preached the Truth to them many times to no avail. She is currently going through a bible study with people at her church by Amy-Jill Levine and some of the things are concerning to me that she was learning from her messages. Do you know of Dr. Levine's teaching? I am broken- hearted for my family Dr. Broggi, but it is so evident that they are lost. Seems I can't have a conversation with mom or dad that doesn't come out as them saying I am being so judgmental when all I am trying to do is show them how their view is not in line with God's view via scripture, and today my mother said, well I would think you would listen better and less judgmental for what you claim to be, and that concerned me because frankly, I was a bit frustrated because it's been the same story for years now, but I was wrong for being frustrated. They are staunch Democrats and extremely liberal. Please, when you have a chance, let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much, Sir.


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