The BIble Line - August 7, 2018

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Dennis, Bluffton, SC -  Pastor Broggi I have a friend that believes the Bible has references that support the “Flat Earth Theory”. What do you think?  

Anonymous, Columbia, SC - Is it wrong for my husband and I to attend different churches?

Pat, Bluffton, SC - On last week's Bible Line you mentioned that - many churches today, unfortunately, do not have the gospel message.   What precisely do you mean when you use the word 'have'?

A listener was talking with a friend about last Sunday's message in Revelation 13. The friend was saying that the 2nd beast was actually America.  How do you answer this?

Mike, Okatie, SC - Someone I invited to church attended the Beaufort campus Sunday, and after church, he asked me for a good study Bible. I told him I used the McArthur Study Bible. Do you suggest this one or is there another you prefer? 

Bob, Okatie, SC - What was the population of the earth at the time of the flood? And in Matt. 27:53, when the tombs were opened and the people went into the town, were these considered the "first fruits?"

How do you know if someone has a "word of knowledge" whether it is really from God?




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