The Bible Line - August 6, 2019

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Our first caller has a complicated situation.  His parents are divorced and are not believers and live with partners who are not believers.  This caller wants to know what Pastor Broggi would recommend for a way to get his parents and their respective partners to hear the truth of the Gospel and become believers.  Should he start by inviting them to church (if they will come) or with a private appointment with the pastor?  He is burdened for their salvation and would just like some guidance.

A caller says he prefers the KJV and NASB translations of the Bible even though the ESV is being pushed by many these days. What are Pastor Broggi's thoghts on this?

Is it okay for a Christian to have cosmetic surgery and, specifically, is it acceptable for a Christian man to have hair transplant surgery where they take scalp from the back of the head and put it on the front of the head if balding truly bothers him?

I’ve heard you teach and I agree that during the millennial reign there will be people on earth in glorified and unglorified bodies (those from the tribulation). Isaiah 65:20 teaches that in those days, the people in unglorified bodies will be “accursed” if they do not live to old age. What would happen to those who do die during the millennial reign? Would the saved reappear in spirit in that moment to live with Christ again for the remainder of the millenium? Would the lost go to Hell in that moment?

Has Pastor Carl done a message comparing Christianity to Islam and/or has he given lessons on how to answer questions when someone is quoting the Quran as the word of God when we know the Bible is the only true Word of God.

Jefferey , Round O, SC - I have heard some people say that Jesus was a Pharisee. I know that His observance of Torah and other teachings probably lined up with the Pharisees, but I don't see anywhere in scripture where it explicitly refers to Him as a Pharisee. Your comments please sir.

Elizabeth, Portland, ME - My adult son became discouraged not finding a godly Christian woman and began looking online. He met a divorced woman 6 months ago with two young toddlers. Her divorce was not adultery related. HOW can I convince him that he is risking his salvation if he continues to repeat his sin and marry a divorced woman. He repeatedly lies about being with her. I pray non stop for his soul.

Wayne, Liberty Lake, Washington - Can you recommend your top resource or resources for the study of first century (early) church fathers? I want to learn what they wrote. Especially about them going to church on Sundays. My dad is Seventh Day Adventist. He tried to raise me that way but it always confused me. My whole life has been full of condemnation and feeling like I’m not good enough because I don’t keep the Sabbath, like the Jews. He believes that I have the mark of the beast and I will go to hell if I continue going to church on Sunday. I understand how this could “not” be the mark of the beast.. I always thought he was so intelligent until I started learning the scriptures on my own. Now I realize he may be intelligent, but he is not full of the Spirit, he does not bear the proper fruit. This has been a stumbling block most of my life and I feel it has kept me from the true gospel; until now. I am finally free, and because of you, I chose not to stop communicating with him when I wanted to just write him off. I want to help him see the truth so badly.. but he is so aggressive. Since he is my earthly father, I will honor him with Love and will endure his wrath. I’m getting closer to finding the right scripture that will help. So that leads me to my next question; what about Luke 16:16? It seems like Jesus is making a very clear statement that He is not preaching the old covenant.. He is preaching something new; the Kingdom, the new covenant. So when Jesus says keep My commandments; He’s talking about all His New Testament teachings right? Not the commandments from the Law and the Prophets.. but rather, to Love God, and to Love one another; if we Love one another do we fulfill the law? And the law that is written in our hearts, also based on Love. So when He says keep My commandments.. we do that through Love? And of course confessing Jesus to others with Love and compassion. If God is Love, when I show someone Love, am I not showing them who God is.. if God is Love? And through that Love, God works out His perfect will. Wasn’t the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments specifically given to His chosen people “Jews”? At that time only the Jews were keeping the Sabbath? Gentiles were not? And Gentiles never needed to convert to Judaism.. so the Sabbath was never something gentiles needed to observe in the new covenant, or the old covenant.. only the Jews? In the new covenant, the Kingdom, it’s more about not forsaking the gathering. Not necessarily keeping the Sabbath, but simply the day we gather to fellowship and worship God together, which is Sunday. “Not the Sabbath”? A new day.. the fist day. Once again, not the Sabbath right? But a new day, in remembrance of the resurrection? The Jews will be keeping the Sabbath always, but we are not under that old covenant tradition? So there’s no need to call Sunday the Sabbath? Since I can’t find that in scripture? My dad is convinced that the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath to Sunday, I would Love to find evidence to the contrary. He also believes that Paul “would roll over in his grave if he knew people considered his letters were considered to be holy scripture”.. he says the Catholic Church implanted him in there to deceive us. Can you help me? I value you so much, and I’m looking forward to your response. 



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