The Bible Line - August 28, 2018

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In chapter 32 of the book of Exodus, Moses asks God to forgive His people for their transgression against Him and if not to be blotted from the Book God has written. I have heard differing vantage points. Is this the Book of Life? Also, were those that were eventually swallowed up by the Earth judged by God? (Being that they were part of God's original people leaving Egypt)

Katie, Greenville, SC - I know you get this question a lot- even last week. I know you have several great sermons on the topic of drinking that thoroughly explain all the points and biblical arguments that I’ve listened to before. I’m having a hard time locating them in the STS app, and I have several friends that would love to hear them, but I cannot seem to find them. Could you tell me which they are? I do have the article you’ve posted and that is also very helpful- would just like to know which sermons of yours as well. Thanks so so much for your ministry.

A caller's mother has been in and out of the prison system for years, but now she's being released and looking for someone to take her in.  There had been alcohol and drugs abuse and there have been many relatives who have helped her in the past with nothing but heartache and destruction for doing so.  This caller has children in the home and does not want them to be subjected to this.  As a Christian, we are to honor our mothers and fathers but is our first responsibility to the children and to protect them?  This Situation is really causing emotional turmoil for this family and they are looking for what they should do.

Richard, Hilton Head Island, SC - A prominent preacher on WAGP stated, "People who receive The Mark of the Beast can still be saved." His reasoning was Jesus has to have someone to rule over during His 1,000-year reign. Pastor, could you respond? 
Bob, Okatie, SC - In Acts 9:26 when Paul was converted it says he stayed in Jerusalem with Barnabas. But in Galatians 1:17 it says he didn't go to Jerusalem but went to Syria. How can this be?
A listener says his best friend is considering becoming a Jehovah's Witness.  How should he counsel him as to what they believe and if it is contrary to Bible teaching?

Leslie, Beaufort, SC - It seems nowadays almost every pastor and even many every day believers have written a book. Many of them become guest speakers at churches on Sunday morning and mention their book from the pulpit during their message. I am not against books. I love books, and God has used many of them in my life. I’m also not against guest speakers occasionally at church on Sunday morning. But when authors/speakers mention their book from the pulpit on Sunday, it seems to me they are using the time where our focus should be on God and His word to advertise their book. It reminds me of Jesus when he went to the temple and overturned the moneychangers. What are your thoughts on this?

Susan, Beaufort, SC - I have a question relating to your Revelation sermon on June 1. I don't understand why God would deceive people with an antichrist if His goal is to bring people to Him? Why does He choose to try to confuse people into believing in the Anti -Christ? I just don't understand that whole concept and it's been bothering me.




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