The Bible Line - August 14, 2018

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Bob, Okatie, SC - Was there another description of God's covenant with Abraham other than the one in Genesis 15? Also, how much of the old covenant are we to keep as children of the new covenant?

Robert, Riverside, CA. - Pastor Carl how does the Bible say that Abraham offered his only son Isaac when he had another son Ishmael?

Jay - I have recently heard of the view of Molinism and wanted to know your thoughts on it. Also what books would you recommend to study more on God’s sovereignty and man’s free will? 

A caller says that in Pastor Broggi's message on 'The Mark of the Beast', he was teaching about how people will be deceived after the Rapture.  Is this deception the same that is taking place today keeping some from accepting Christ or will this be a different kind of deception?

We had a caller who has a question about James 5:14.  What is the application of this verse today?

Please explain in Daniel where it is said that God raises up kings and removes them, how does that apply to countries where the people elect their leader? Does God still choose the president of the U.S.?


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