The Bible Line - April 4, 2017

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We had a follow up question to the previous question about the Lost Tribe of Israel....this caller would like to know if the American Indians were, in fact, the Lost Tribe?
A listener was talking to someone and asked whether he had trusted in Christ for salvation...the person used as an example the parable of the rich young ruler to promote "works" salvation. 
Danny, Riverview FL - What does the Bible say about tatoos?
Camille, Savannah, GA - Is the movement known as the Apostolic Reformed movement compatible with Scripture? Are there New Testament prophets and apostles in our present time?
Gwenda Jayawardhana, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia -, I am hearing a lot more about a movement called the New Apostolic Reformation and seeing the influence that high-profile figures such as Bill Johnson are having on followers of Christ today. Can you please outline your understanding of the NAR movement and is this movement a cause for concern for all Christians? Also, if God has given someone the gift of prophecy and they exercise this gift today are they called a prophet? Also, in Acts 2 where it speaks of Pentecost the onlookers thought those who were speaking in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance, were drunk. I have seen people in church services twitching and falling to the ground when being prayed over. Are these actions the work of the Holy Spirit or some other spirit? Many thanks in advance for your answer.
John 1:9 what does this mean and what is the difference between the KJV and NAS rendition?
Tempest, Bluffton, SC - What dates are you going to Israel, and are you doing the Jordan Extension like you did in 2012? I have to plan early.

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