The BIble Line - April 30, 2019

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Corey, New Hampshire - I have been saved for 6 years now and when I was first started going to church I met a man there who had gone to that church for over 20 years, over the next 5 years we became good friends and he helped me grow as a new believer. Last year though he left our church claiming he wasn't being fed and he was frustrated with how leadership in the church wasn't focused on discipling the men. Few months after he left we had coffee and he told me that he loved his new church because they were trying "new" things to reach the lost. Such as concerts and worship bands with dark and flashing lights during morning worship and messages that only last 28 minutes so people don't tune out. He kept saying that the old way the church has been reaching the lost doesn't seem to work and he is happy to be in a new church that will do anything to reach the lost. I believe the gospel is for all and it doesn't become irrelevant over time. My question to you is from someone who firmly believes that we don't alter the message or compromise biblical truths or practices to reach the lost, what scriptures can I use to support my claim? Thank you and God bless

David, Columbia, SC - What is the distinction between a lifestyle of ongoing sin versus, for example, one who has been divorced and remarried and stays in that remarried relationship.

Tina, Leamington, Ontario - Hi Pastor Broggi, my dad claims to be a believer but he has so much unforgivness and bitterness in his heart towards his stepmom and some siblings. I'm just wondering can someone claim they are saved and still have that assurance even though they have so much unforgivness in their heart?

Why is law enforcement so adamant about recovering lost children, but society is so open to aborting children? Also, (tongue-in-cheek) the caller believes he has the gene of being holy...just like some people have the gene of homosexuality. What does Pastor Broggi think?

Thomas, Fortson, GA - I’m looking for a good Bible study on 1 Corinthians. I’m looking for one that would be good for a group. I’d like it to be for adults. It’s easy to find bible studies on the internet but hard to know what can be trusted. Thank you.

Anthony, Beaufort, SC  At the end of a service when people come forward to make a profession of faith, shouldn't the church be ecstatic over the decision?

How do we know when to fast?

Suzanne, Saint Helena island, SC -  What can you tell me about the "New apostolic reformation" organization. The youth pastor of the church my daughter attends was involved in it, and I find a lot of their beliefs troubling and anti Biblical. For example, they believe that a new round of super prophets will be coming to earth. This is false teaching. 


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