The Bible Line - April 23, 2019

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Lisa - What does the Bible teach us regarding generational curses. How do generational curses affect Christians today? And how can we be delivered from these curses? 

A woman noticed that her church had a lot more people attend the service on Easter Sunday.  She would like to know if most of these people call themselves Christians, how do they reconcile not going to church every week?

Glenn M., Bluffton, SC - I grew up in a Pentecostal church as a young child, that believed in order to go to heaven you had to receive the Holy Spirit, and the evidence of that is speaking in tongues. After a couple of years, I started hearing "saved by grace through faith." I wanted to know if you can direct me to scriptures that clarify my confusion about entering heaven. Thank you for teaching the Word of God with such passion. I'm a millennial and I listen to Search the Scriptures almost every day.

Adam J. - I have been listening to your messages on the radio about Deacon's and I was asked several years ago about being a deacon in my Church so I prayed and researched it and felt that I was not qualified because I was previously married and explained to the deacon body my concerns. A few years later they came to me again and said that because I was married and divorced before I was saved that I would be qualified and I couldn't pick and choose what sin Jesus blood would or would not cover. So I told them that I would make sure my friends and family would not be at Church the day they voted and if God wanted me to become a deacon it's in his hands. The Church voted unanimously for me to be a Deacon I told my wife that that's what we prayed hard about and I reckon I'm gonna be a Deacon. It's been 7yrs and after hearing your studies I'm having doubts that I made the right decision and even letting it go to the Church vote. I have been looking at your website for some other sermons but not having much luck. Can you suggest any information that I can study to help me with this because the last thing I ever want to do is be out of God's will? Thank you for your time and may God continue to Bless you and your ministry. 

A caller wants to know if it is scriptural for elders to be appointed if they have not previously been deacons?

JEREMY, Charlotte, NC - How did you know it was time to pray for a wife and stop being a Bachelor til the Rapture?


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