The Bible Line - April 16, 2019

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Is the crown of thorns saved from the fire at Notre Dame the authentic crown worn by Jesus?

A caller would like to know what is the typical eschatology of the Southern Baptists and does it have anything to do with Augustine's City of God?

Theresa, Seabrook, SC -  I've always read Luke 22:42 where Jesus asks for the cup to be removed as speaking of the cross. I just read an article proposing that He may have been asking for his current agony to be relieved as He was sweating blood and under great stress, so much that He could have died from that. The article states that the angel that comes to strengthen Him is the answer to that prayer. What is your understanding of Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane?

A new listener would like to know if giving 10% of the money you earn was for the Jewish people or are we to do it today?

Diane, Savannah, GA - What do feel are the only reasons for divorce given in the Bible? 

Should Christians observe Lent and perhaps pledge to deprive themselves of something that really matters to them as a symbol of their observance of what our Lord Jesus gave up for us?

Lisa - What does the Bible teach us regarding generational curses. How do generational curses affect Christians today? And how can we be delivered from these curses? 



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