Mothering From The Heart - September 27, 2018

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Some women asked what was the video that was played at yesterday's Woman's Life. It can be found HERE.

How do I protect my child from a self-avowed Satan worshipper in my neighborhood?

To really make sure we teach our boys best, what specific books of the Bible would you say we should focus on? (Or the top 3-5 books fo the Bible.) Of course, Proverbs, maybe the Psalms, but any other book? 

I have two boys, almost 3 and age 1. I often get angry with myself when I'm frustrated with my boys. My almost 3-year-old is very strong-willed and tries to control most situations as well as wanting attention 99% of the time. Sometimes I find myself with a raised voice -- "STOP! NOW!" Then I feel guilty for raising my voice. I always point him to Jesus and correct his sin with Scripture...but does my frustration and raised voice build him up or break him down?

What jobs, roles, responsibilities, can we give 'tween' boys (10-12-year-olds), to foster masculinity and upcoming manhood that culture often undervalues?

Four questions all along the same line: 1. How do we discipline encourage or correct/identify bad behavior VS boyishness?  2. How do I let my 2-year-old be a boy by climbing on things, but be careful about his safety? How do I find a balance?  3. How do we balance letting our boys be adventurous & boyish (climbing trees, exploring woods, etc.) while keeping them safe and wanting to protect them? Can you give specific recommendations on what they should/should not be "allowed" to do at certain ages? 4. How do you decide what is "boyishness" and what is harmful (especially for a 3-year-old.)