Mothering From the Heart - September 26, 2019

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What are some good scripture verses that we can share with our teenage son about the importance of being a follower of Christ, that will lead him to becoming a man of the Lord?
I became saved after I was married. My husband and two young children, ages 8 and 6 are still unsaved. Thankfully we attend a good, bible believing Church. I pray fervently for their salvation everyday and see God working. Recently, all three of them have expressed fear of dying, the process of it, and the afterlife. My kids express that they dont want to die and they are scared. My husband expressed this as well. How do I incorporate the fear of the process of dying but also incorporate the gospel? I know being saved eases the fear of the afterlife (absent from the body, present with the Lord) but what can I also say about the reality of dying. It breaks my heart to hear this but I know God is nudging me to share the gospel and help them through these fears with God’s help. Thank you so much for taking my question. I love you ladies and your godly wisdom! 
Friends as our children get older. 
My oldest children are coming up into their teens and are wanting to do more social things (not bad things, just wanting to be more involved and doing choir and asking about youth group and the like). 
But with that also comes the expansion of their social circle, which when they are younger is very easy to control and keep to a small group of people we know and trust. But now it’s beginning to feel like unknown territory as they come home with new “friends” from what seems like every event/gathering. 
How did you/do you, manage this? We do not have time to get to know all of these families of these children or new “friends” and well, we can’t spend time and get together with everyone. 
How did you navigate the desire that tweens and teens have to socialize more as they age but also keeping it to a small group of known and trusted people/inner circle?
What is the best way to approach fellow believers that are gossiping, particularly around their children?