Mothering From The Heart - September 20, 2018

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With so many proclaiming Christians that are okay with and accepting of such liberal stances and/or weak-sauce "Christian leaders", how do we graciously and lovingly admonish them to see Truth without coming across as judgmental or close-minded?

Should a mother assume her time to instruct her son has passed when he is 48-years-old? Should she admonish him (a Christian) over a 10 Commandment issue, even when he does not believe he is acting unrighteously?

I love my boys, but my heart breaks every time that I think of them leaving my home. I feel like and question why I should put all my emotions and feeling and investment in them while they're young if they're just going to leave. Why do I feel this way? How should I cope with this feeling?

How can I convince my son to watch his mouth and temper around the kids?

How do military moms/wives keep their roles while husband/dads are gone without role-reversal or trying to do both?

I understand that women should be modest, but at what point are men supposed to take responsibility for how they act toward what they see? We can only protect the eyes of our little ones for so long.

My 9-year-old asked me "How do we know the Bible is from God?" What direction would you advise in books, etc. that are age appropriate?

How would you explain the passage in 1 Cor. 11 telling women to cover their heads? Why is that no longer applicable?

How would you pray specifically for a boy to be a super leader for Christ? Possibly scriptures on how to pray for your children daily from mothering from the heart?