Mothering From the Heart - November 1, 2018

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Why is it so easy to encourage other people’s children than your own?
I have 2 boys 2 years apart.  I made the older brother share and look out for the younger.  Now they are teens and the older is a pleaser type.  Sometimes I am concerned that the older is too passive and selfless and maybe lacks confidence.  What advice can you give for this?
How do I get my husband to put his phone down and focus on the children and me?  He come home after 8+ hours at work, sits on the couch, and pullout his phone and does who knows what for hours.  I try not to nag but it’s breaking my heart.  I don’t feel appreciated or loved.
Would it be appropriate for a brother to take a sister on a date?  Instead of a son taking mom?
What is a healthy balance between being a homemaker and a worker in the home with a small business?
What advice would you give to a Christian couple who is thinking about having children but the wife wants to be a stay-at-home mom and the husband wants her to work because of the money?
What should I do with a close friend that is competitive? She has stated before that she can be this way, and sometimes it has caused awkward group situations. It is bringing out a competitive, “one-up” attitude in me, also. I don’t want to be this way, and I value our friendship. We are both Christians, and I want to maintain and grow our friendship. Do you have tips on how to accomplish this in a godly way?
I have been struggling and getting so frustrated letting my husband take the lead when he gets home when I am the one who is in charge all week during the day until he gets home at night. What steps can I take to improve this frustration?
I got saved after I was married, and my husband is an unbeliever. We have two boys and I am trying to raise them to be godly men. My husband does not always set the best example for them and I want to honor my role as a wife but don’t know how to respect him and honor him when he behaves in a way that is not appropriate in front of our kids. I don’t want my boys to think that’s how they should behave. Advice?