Mothering From the Heart - May 24, 2018

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Mrs. Broggi, can you tell me what it looks like to put your husband before your children?

Mrs Broggi, I don't really have any women in my life who I think could answer this kind of question and I thought maybe you would have some insight to offer. I have a strained relationship with my mom. I don't think she is saved and she and I are like oil and water because I am fervent about following Christ with my whole life. She, on the other hand, is a liberal, feminist, pro abortion, etc, etc, and it concerns me to have her around my kids.

She has allowed my oldest son to do things that I asked her not to. She rewards him when he is in trouble with me. She also undermines my authority to my other kids by saying things like, "Get your mom to let you come..." when I already told her no.

We had a conflict recently because I confronted her and she stopped talking to me. Now she wants to reconcile and she wants to spend time together with the goal of me letting her take my kids. I am uncomfortable with this. I don't even like it when she is around my kids when I am there, much less when I am not. She wants to be an influencer in their lives, not just hang out for fun. Can you offer me any advice on how to proceed with reconciliation? I don't want her very involved with my kids, but I don't want to disrespect her or hurt her. Thanks for listening.

Mrs Broggi, My husband and I are Christians. What does the bible say about a woman's appearance/weight? Can a husband ask or even demand his wife be a certain size or weight? Does it show a lack of respect if the wife does not honor his request?

Mrs Broggi, over the years I've struggled w/ friendships & I don't know why. In the last couple of years, the friends I had, have moved & it's been a drought since then. Prov. 18:24 "A man who has friends must himself be friendly." That is on my mind when I'm in a group setting, but for some reason those connections w/ other women have not taken root. It seems like, I am the one who has to set up a lunch, or outing, b/c no one is asking. I understand that everyone is busy, I too am busy. II keep confidence, & not into gossip. I'm just lonely. I want to connect w/ other women, but I'm starting to think that there is something wrong w/ me. Would love any insight you may have.