Mothering From the Heart - January 31, 2019

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What are some ways to encourage our daughters in femininity, (combatting the idea that children can be and choose who or what they want to be) without helping them to create idols in beauty, clothes, makeup, etc?

Can you supply us gals with several scriptures (NT) that instruct us how to conduct ourselves as women in this culture and time?

Drag Queen Story Hour is becoming an event at libraries (even in SC - Greenville, Five Forks, Simpsonville.) They promote this event as "early exposure to...beautiful people" to help our children to be more "kind, confident and tolerant individuals." This is awful! Do you have some pointers in what can be said to the library about hosting these events? I'm thinking it would be a good thing for me to vocalize my opposition to this, but want to make sure it's graceful.

Scriptures for protection and guidance for our girls growing up, from small through teens and womanhood.

Being the Bride of Christ, I think I may have read books that romanticize the relationship with Jesus. I get nervous that I may dishonor Jesus by wrong thinking about a husband vs Jesus. I love Jesus but worry I think of him wrong. Please state proper thinking we should have as a wife.