Mothering From the Heart - April 4, 2019

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Jennifer W. - I was wondering if you could recommend some good Christian fiction books for my 11-year-old daughter to read. She is an avid reader and the problem I have been running into is that her reading level is closer to a 13-year-old so the books in her grade level are too easy for her but I also worry that some of the content in the books that are at the 13-year-old level is too old for her. She loved the Little House on the Prairie series but sped through them because they were such an easy read for her. I was hoping that perhaps you could suggest some books that are wholesome for a tween girl. Thank you.

I am an avid reader. I just love books. The only issue is that there are so many books, especially for teens, that are not wholesome. What are some guidelines for picking good books I understand that God's Word should be our guide, but how does that play out in a practical way?

What are some books or series that you have found to be beneficial and enjoyable for your children to read or read aloud to them? 

What is the Holy Spirit’s role in the lives of our unsaved, young children? I ask because last weekend my four-year-old son very hopefully asked if he had the Holy Spirit living in him. I told him no and explained that the Holy Spirit lives inside of those who believe in and receive Jesus as Savior, and I stopped there with him because I wasn't completely sure of speaking further on the subject. I feel like the Holy Spirit does play a role in my son's life now (I have on a couple of occasions thought that through memorized scripture my son was convicted of sin or had his behavior shaped), but I am not entirely sure and didn't want to lead him astray.

What guidelines (if you did) did you set for your children in their teen years?

My 18-year-old daughter has moved out and is not following the Lord, even though she was raised mostly in this church. How do I interact with her? Give her verses each day, just pray for her??

What is a godly approach to fashion? If you will, please give your opinion on ripped jeans, cold shoulder shirts, etc. Please discuss the appropriate standards of dressing in a fashionable yet not immodest way.

How do you let go of your child (18) gracefully? For example - as they graduate high school or enter into a season of wanting to get engaged and married?