Mothering From the Heart - April 11, 2019

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At the Spring Fellowship, not so long ago, (which I truly enjoyed) you shared how you often made your children write Bible verses as a 'from to' discipline and to hide God's Word in their hearts. What are some verses you had them write? Also, what advice do you have to help your children to memorize Bible verses, such as for AWANA and for at home with school work. 

Can you recommend a book about forgiveness? Thank you.

When I talked with some friends about homeschooling my kids, some of them said it's not a good idea. And when I tried to explain to them about the benefits, they asked me how they are going to socialize. They also said the things I'm trying to keep my kids from, they will face in the real world. How can I make them understand God's way?

I have a Ph.D. and I worked before I got married. But now I understand my family is my priority and I want to be with my kids at home. But I was thinking if I can work a part-time job when my husband is at home with the kids. Is that a good idea?

Are watching or reading "scary" shows good for a believer?

When you were with your children, what did you do? How did you spend the time with your children besides church? What activities?

My granddaughter that lives with us is very afraid that her mother is not saved. She and I have been praying for her mom's salvation, but she is very discouraged that her mom won't believe and that God hasn't answered her prayers.

What is your opinion of dating websites? I've heard many Christians have met and married through those sites. Is it right?

What would you do if you have a friend that doesn't seem to want to talk to you, or sit with you, or is friendly to you? Do you continue to be friendly to them or talk to them? I would love to hear your thoughts on this?

Should we as mothers pray for our children's kids (grandkids) even if they are not on the way yet? Did you do it when your daughter was expecting?

My husband would like to have a weekend away for our anniversary, but we have a son who is eleven and I'm not quite secure in leaving him with anyone for one or two nights. He's an only child. Do you have any suggestions on this?