The Bible Line - September 19, 2017

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Johnny V., Shelby, NC - Just finished listening to part 5 of "Sharing your faith". Please tell me your response to the man in Boston who replied he once went to the Catholic Church. 

Nicole, Aurora, IL - We are in the process of closing on a home. While walking through the home, I came across different books and home decor that suggest the owner is possibly into witchcraft or something similar. Should we perform some sort of home blessing upon moving in? What would that look like? Is there anything we need to be wary of in this situation?

When you fast should you focus on one thing or can you fast and pray about many things?

Tim L., Bridgeport, CT - I have heard preachers use the term Shekinah Glory, in reference to God"s presence. But I have heard some say, that term comes from a female Babylonian goddess. That the Jews brought this term back from their days in captivity. Can you comment on this? 

Julie S., Beaufort, SC - This is not a question as much as something I would like you to comment on:) This message was posted on FB by a friend in Israel today who is a Jewish rabbi. I found it very interesting in light of all we've been discussing regarding the end times and wanted to pass it along. From Aaron Shaffier - Israel Tour Guide. Tonight begins Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day. This year is the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem after 1,897 years of Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusader, Ottoman and British Occupation. _______ Through it all Jews in exile around the world stopped 3 times a day to face the ruin of the Temple and pray that God would return us to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. At our wedding, we break a glass to remind us that our joy isn't complete with the Temple in ruins. We end our Passover Seder with, "Next year in Jerusalem". We fast 4 times a year to commemorate the destruction of the Temple. _______ Who would have believed that 50 years after we've liberated Jerusalem and the Temple Mount that the Temple would still not be built! This is a disgrace and embarrassment to the Jewish people before God and the world. We don't lack the money, or the military might. All we lack is the will to fulfill our destiny. Now is the time!
Many pastors and theologians are beginning to reinterpret the text from Revelation that says that God will burn all the earth saying that that is not a literal destruction. What does Pastor Broggi think?
Would Dr. Broggi have any suggestions for a book that addresses the authenticity of the Bible?
Is Hebrews 1:14 saying that angels minister to those who have not yet come to faith?
Neal, TX - Is there a commentary on Proverbs you recommend?
A caller says that she appreciates Pastor Broggi's teaching of Revelation. A few weeks ago he was talking about how God is not done with is it that some believe He is?