The Bible Line - October 9, 2018

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Our next caller would like to know if Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever doesn't that mean that the gifts such as tongues and miracles are for today?

Anonymous, NH: In one of your earlier TBL broadcasts you briefly spoke about your trips to Israel and explained how a Class A spot in Israel is an area where, without a doubt/unquestionably, something happened from the Bible at that very spot. And then you explained that a Class B spot is an area where, likewise, something of significance happened in that general area, but the exact location isn't known. I know Golgotha and The Mount of Olives are very popular, but what are some of the other Class A and B spots that you usually visit? I've always wanted to go to Israel.

In 1 Samuel when Saul consults the witch at Endor, and the medium called up Samuel, did the Lord allow it because it says the wicked can't call up the righteous?

Rosie, North Ridgeville, Ohio - Please give your understanding on Romans 8:30. I heard someone on the radio, preach that it’s an example of Calvinism.

A caller has a real dilemma.  She has a daughter who is not a Christian and who is fully engulfed in a sinful lifestyle.  This mom says that her daughter is named as her heir and executrix of the estate but the mom is afraid that the money she leaves her daughter will be used to continue her sinful, Godless lifestyle.  Does Pastor Broggi have any advice for this mom?

Vanessa, Williamsburg, VA - My daughter was reading Matthew this evening and she asked me to explain Matthew 27:45-56, specifically about the resurrection of the saints. I do not want to misinterpret this, could you please assist us in understanding?