The Bible Line - October 3, 2017

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A caller says that she appreciates Pastor Broggi's teaching of Revelation. A few weeks ago he was talking about how God is not done with is it that some believe He is?
When will the battle with Gog and Magog take place?  Also, if Joseph was not Jesus Christ's biological father, were the other children His half-siblings?
Pastor Carl has said that those who have heard the Gospel in clarity and truth will not have another chance after the Rapture but this caller thinks Pastor Carl mentioned a window of opportunity after the Rapture.  Who will this window of opportunity be for?
When we are Raptured will we be able to look down at earth?  Can we see what's going on and how can we be happy in heaven if we have to witness what's going on with our unsaved family and friends?
William, Winchester, VA - On your Community Bible Church Daniel Sermon, Faith in the Furnace given October 18, 2015 (at around the 12:30 mark) you shared the personal opinion that reflects a believer’s confession should be tested over time to determine if it is a genuine conversion, meaning a genuine belief in Jesus Christ. We used to call this fruit inspection, to check perseverance of works, perhaps whether they are walking in the Spirit. So, you indicated a false profession would be if the person fell away or did not endure to the end. You also mentioned the rocky soil parable as an example.
Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, VA teaches in the permanency of new life and that the old man is declared dead at the new birth. The old man cannot come back to life, we are a new creation in Christ - even if we fall away, He cannot deny us.
John 3:16 tells me that one must believe in Jesus Christ to have everlasting life. In John 4 Jesus never asks the Samaritan woman at the well to address her sinful behavior before drinking the water of eternal life. John 20:30-31 tells us that these things have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name. Lastly, the parable of the seed in Mt 13 only one seed did not germinate; the one on the path. As I read this parable, we had only one that wasn’t saved - the path because the Word of God did not germinate in their life e.g. any new life. Would you comment on the matter of eternal security of the believer who professes faith in Jesus Christ and why some want to measure “true Christianity” by perseverance? Also, DTS professor, now deceased, Zane Hodges indicated in his book “The Hungry Inherit” that there is a distinction between the believer (who drank the water of eternal life [John 4] by believing Jesus is the Christ) and the disciple who is losing his life daily in the works of the Father. Would you comment on these two Christian individuals and what they may receive at the Bema Seat?
David, Bluffton, SC - Is the error of the Catholic church based in the failure to believe in Sola Scriptura?
Kim N.-  My question is on alcohol. I know what the Bible says on it and I fully understand the diluted state of the wine in the Bible. My problem, that I can't seem to get around,  is the pattern that's been developed in my relationship with my husband and daughter with drinking wine together. My husband and I for sure and occasionally daughter (she's 26). Anyhow I want to break the pattern, I want to truly never drink again and I can't seem to maintain a faithful walk of this. It's places we go, it's in the home (which my husband won't get rid of it) it's a relationship connection in a sense. I have struggled with this for many many years now. I never drank much at all and despised it. We ( my husband and I)were around it so much with his work. (sales) And in the last two years it's become so very much more of a pattern for me, for us. I'm so discouraged. I find myself two people strong in the  committed in the AM,and as the day goes by my conviction dissipates to breaking. ( not every day) but certainly enough to make it a pattern of one who has not overcome.  I love my Lord and have been a Christian for 32 years. He has been EVERYTHING to me!!!!! My life, my breath everything. I am so defeated because I want to please Him with my life! I want Him to count on me as one of His He can trust and entrust. I feel I have wasted time and resources in the past years far more than I'd like to admit, as well, not caring for the temple He has given me. I certainly don't get "drunk", but the amount of wine I drink causes me to feel the effects of it thus I guess that's "drunk"? I'm not sure.  What matters mostly along with that concern is because I am conflicted in my soul and I feel I just can't get out of this awful pattern. My husband is supportive of me not to drink, but we find ourselves going out having wine, having it in our home etc......He'll support me, but I'm not strong to say no myself. (sometimes yes, often no). Oh please suggest some help!
I want more than anything to please God!!!!! He has delivered me from the domain of darkness I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, but I have found myself peering into the darkness as I drink wine more and more. I'm not sure if I should go into a rehab? I feel it's just a pattern change not really a detox.  I drink maybe 2-3 glasses at a time, 4 times a week. So really it's 12 glasses a week which is so much more than I have ever drank before! I used to hate it! Now I find myself seeking it out. Well enough said. I would really appreciate your good counsel
and instruction!  Blessings to you all  and I pray I'll email you all again one day and say I've been obedient and alcohol free for years!!!!!  (Oh I have gone to AA a few times, and honestly I really appreciate the brokenness and truth there, but sometimes it's a trigger for me and also I just would rather substitute it for strong Bible study!  Which I am staring soon. It's just though a daily accountability I have to have in order to maintain a change. Oh I am discouraged!)