The Bible Line - October 25, 2016

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Some churches use the term "Reverend" regarding their pastors. Is this a term that should be reserved for God, or is it okay?

With all that is at stake for Christians, is it okay to vote for someone who may not share all of our morals?  We know this election will affect the unborn, as well as what pastors can say from the pulpit, and even WAGP could be affected by new regulations from a non-Christian administration.  What is our responsibility?  Should we vote if we don't totally approve of the candidate who is most closely aligned with our beliefs? 

After the  the 7 yr tribulation, when the raptured church returns with this now the new Earth?   And we are in a new glorified body, all  church age saints and those who died in God before Christ, is this right?   Now, this begins the 1000 years reign of Christ with all of these & the post tribulation saints .   Now, is this the time when people marry again & have children for 1000 years.   The only people who can have children are post tribulation saints????   Do us, the raptured church, see this and we are there with them ?  We just cannot marry and have children b/c we are in glorified bodies, but are we there or no or do I have this all wrong?   Can you please explain?  What happens after the 1000 years?   Also, please explain  where and when the temple is to be rebuilt.    Before the rapture or after?  Where is this 37 acres?  Wasn't this where the temple was years ago in the old testament,  explain?  Now, once rebuilt, is it destroyed again?   Is that the abomination of desolation?  

How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sinned ?

In Mk. 8:23-25 why did Jesus take two applications of the dirt on the man's eyes before the man saw clearly?

Jennifer, Beaufort, SC - I recently discovered that several companies and corporations that I support through patronage give funds in support of the LGBT and Planned Parenthood causes. My discovery began with companies like Starbucks and Ben & Jerry's and as I did further research I have discovered a daunting list of companies with which I have purchased items from or subscribe to such as Verizon, Apple, Microsoft and Levi's. What would be your advice as far as how to move forward knowing that these companies are linked to such causes? The lists I have found are pretty extensive and I would say that I probably subscribe or purchase from at least half of the companies on the list. I want to do what is Biblically correct and need help discerning how to move forward. 

Are you familiar with the (youth) ministry? If you are what are your thoughts?