The Bible Line - October 10, 2017

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Ricky, Ridgeland Correction Facility - Why do so many people believe in God, but have a different God they serve. So is it more than one God? So who do we serve as a Christian, a man or a statue? This question comes from radio program of a few weeks ago.

Genesis 6 talks about the sons of God (Nephilim) coming down and procreating with the daughters of men. But this caller heard that there is a fixed number of angels, that they don't marry or are given in marriage. So, what gives?

David, Bluffton: Regarding Colossians 3:23-24 and regarding working as if unto the Lord...Does the fact that people don't observe this much anymore, spill out into the rest of societal behavior?

When will tribulation period saints go before judgment at the Bema Seat?

Dorothy O., Delmont, PA - From at least two different pastors I have heard that the book of Proverbs does not really contain promises, but instead are statements of what usually happens. I just can't believe this because scriptures from Proverbs are quoted in the New Testament. My point of view is that just because we don't see the results of actions doesn't mean that the Proverbs aren't scripture. We are to walk by faith, not by sight. All scripture is God-breathed. I would like your point of view on this.

Walt: Is there a legal order to things where the rapture cannot occur until the Lamb comes forth in Rev 5 and claims the scroll? He has not opened a seal yet so the time of Jacob's Trouble has not yet started, keeping with the belief that the church will not endure this time. 

William, Stephens City, VA - Scripture states and God requires a person to believe Jesus is the Christ to be saved to eternity in heaven with the Lord. I don't know how persons that lived prior to Christ dying on the cross could be saved since Christ had not yet shed His blood for all man's sins. I've heard you say that Nebuchadnezzar was saved and he was obviously prior to Jesus' time. Can you please comment on this to help me give a better answer to my Community Group at my church in VA?

Carol: After the rapture, will those who heard the gospel, yet did not believe and receive the love of the truth as to be saved, have a second chance to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ? Are they included among those whom God will send a deluding influence so they will believe what is false so that they be judged.