The Bible Line - November 5, 2019

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Could Pastor Broggi recommend a study Bible?
Could Pastor Broggi recommend a solid Bible-believing church in the Statesboro area.
What do you think of Pastor Shane Idleman's statement that people of God are being whooped by cigarettes or alcohol.
Marilyn - My father-in-law wanted to know what Dr. Broggi thought about Jonathan Cahn. My father-in-law's cousin is really getting interested in Cahn and he doesn't know how to respond. These guys are in their late 80s. My father-in-law doesn't think Cahn is biblical. If Dr. Broggi could give me some direction, I would certainly appreciate it. 
Frederick, Pooler, Ga. - I understand that Robert Jeffers endorsed Paula White's ministry.  What is your take on this?  Can you share any relevant Scripture?
Our next caller has a question about John 18:4-6.  After Jesus asked "Whom do you seek?" they answered and then in vs. 6 they fell to the ground. Is this the basis of being slain in the spirit in some churches?  Also, what was the meaning of them falling to the ground?
A gentleman who is friends with a caller is involved with Todd White and Tom Loud. What does Pastor Carl know about their healing ministries?
A listener says he attends a small church with his son and the pastor believes in speaking in tongues and laying on of hands with instant healing.  Are these gifts for today?
Teddie, Guyton, GA - Why do the wicked/unsaved prosper? Can you direct me to some scriptures that will enlighten me on what God says about this thought.