The Bible Line - November 14, 2017

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A caller from Beaufort says that in the past, he was taught that thoughts are not "sin", only taking action on the thoughts are sinful.  What is Pastor Broggi's opinion on this and where in scripture does it address this?

Dan, Peterborough, NH - I was wondering what Pastor Broggi's thoughts were on handing out Gospel tracts as an effective means of sharing the message of salvation. As part of my occupation working in minor league baseball, I travel constantly.  I like to hand out various gospel tracts mostly when I'm in hotels, or when at a restaurant. But, I often wonder if leaving behind a Gospel Tract is an effective means of evangelism.  I understand that God gets the glory and His Word will not return void (Isaiah 55:11), and Paul states in 1 Corinthians 3:6-8 that he plants, Apollos watered, but God causes the growth.

William N., Stephens City, VA -  It seems that most denominations ignore or believe that tongues and prophetic messages have ceased with the apostles while charismatic and Pentecostals embrace and practice both these. Can you comment on why believers should either believe these are still active and biblical or that they are not biblical or not for today? Additionally, charismatics and Pentecostals believe in private prayer language. Is this the same as what Paul is writing about as permissible in believer assemblies? Would you comment on this as well?

Rob B., Trumbull, CT - Concerning Matt 24, I must admit I'm confused when Jesus says "of that day and hour, no one knows..."when put in the context of Daniel's 70th week. Is it not clearly laid out in Revelation that once the peace agreement is signed in Israel, giving the Jewish people the authority to build their temple, that the clock starts it's 7-year countdown to Jesus' return? If Revelation gives us a timeline, how can "no one know"? Is Jesus possible speaking of the beginning of a "time period" of Daniel's 70th week, similar to the analogy you use frequently "the day of my youth"? I bring this up because, as I'm sure you've witnessed as well, there has been an overwhelming amount of speculation of events being linked to Festivals and Astrological signs, yet nothing "concrete" has occurred. Maybe this is a prophetic fulfillment in itself of the "scoffers"... I'm a friend of Ken Scribner (Dan's brother), not sure if you keep in touch with Dan, but he's doing amazing work with the Joshua Project.