The Bible Line - May 9, 2017

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A caller is a Christian but she finds that sometimes days can go by without her actually praying and having time with God.  Her schedule is very hectic and she's wondering if Pastor Carl can give some advice on when and how he finds time to seek God with his busy schedule?
Bill Davis, Colorado Springs, CO - In Mark 1 Jesus tells the man healed of leprosy to tell no one but in Mark 5 he tells the demoniac who was healed to tell people?  Why this difference?
Marilynn Jenkins, Boston, MA - Was it right for Rahab to lie to protect the spies.  Is this what James is teaching?
How did angels in heaven rebel if there is no sin in heaven. 
Stacy, Bluffton, SC - What is lordship salvation? Some people say this adds to the gospel, namely the death, burial and resurrection. Also, which denominations teach salvation through baptism - or add this to "salvation by grace alone through faith alone"?
Bob, Okatie, SC - What are "Coptic" Christians? Also, did Paul spend three years in the desert?

Brandon, FT Sam Houston, TX - I'm prayerfully wrestling over the qualification of a pastor/shepherd. Currently, I serve on active duty for the U.S. Navy. I desire to go into full-time ministry however I'm hesitant with entertaining the idea based off of being previously divorced. I was unsaved when I married my first wife. We were married 5 years. I divorced as an unsaved man. My current wife and I are both committed Christians. Christ is the center of our family, Praise God. As I prayerfully seek a vision and mission for our family ministry, I can't move beyond the various leadership qualifications listed 1 Timothy. My pastor informs me that I indeed qualify to go into full-time chaplaincy. However, I don't have peace in my spirit about it. Am I disqualified from chaplaincy? What other roles may I aspired to given my previous marriage?

A caller would like to know when Genesis recounts that God confounded the language of the people at the Tower of Babel, does that mean He actually gave different people different languages?  If so, how do those who don't believe Genesis is an actual, factual account of what happened, explain the change of language for different people and nations?