The Bible Line - May 2, 2017

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Cari, Beaufort, - Hi Dr. Broggi, I have been a believer for my entire life, and have a pretty solid understanding of the Scriptures. But I have been in conversation with someone who is not a believer, and who brings up such arguments as "not being allowed to wear clothing of two materials" or "no eating shellfish" and even some New Testament teaching like "women should remain silent in the church, cover their heads, etc." Clearly this isn't someone who is open to the heart of the Gospel . . . am I just "throwing my pearls to pigs" by continuing the discussion? If not, how do I answer those things she brings up? Could you please explain again which OT laws Jesus "fulfilled" and no longer apply, and which ones do still apply, and why? At what point do we say, "well, those were cultural things of the day" and then not have that argument apply to things such as gay marriage, women at the pulpit not okay vs other women's ministry being okay, and so on? Also, is it possible for wagp to email me your response so I have it in writing? Thank you so much for your obedient teaching of God's Word. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.
Stacy, Bluffton, SC With everything going on re: medical advances that allow people to "change their plumbing" does this fall under Romans 1:30  that talks about being "inventors of evil"? and does this lead Dr. Broggi to believe that we are in the last of the last days? 
A caller would like to know how you balance not being too planted in this world but yet being salt and light to the unsaved.  How isolated should we be to still be a positive influence for Christianity while still protecting our families from the evil that is everywhere in this world?
Bob, Okatie, SC - Caller has a question about separating the sheep from the goats in Matthew 10 and in Matthew 25 the separation of the Israelites.
David, Okatie, SC - Regarding Solomon, with all his wisdom, he took 700 wives and concubines...How wise is this?
Our next caller is a Christian but she finds that sometimes days can go by without her actually praying and having time with God.  Her schedule is very hectic and she's wondering if Pastor Carl can give some advice on when and how he finds time to seek God with his busy schedule?