The Bible Line - May 14, 2019

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In John 14:21 Jesus says He will "disclose/reveal" Himself.  Other than through Scripture and prayer, how does He disclose/reveal himself?

Kim: What does God say about differences in beliefs between married people, such as a spouse who affirms homosexuality? No union that is God ordained shall be torn apart, but how to go about teaching/raising kids in this union when there are fundamental differences such as these? I understand the command and requirements of a wife to honor and respect and love her husband as he is the head of the family, as Christ is his head.

What does a single person do in a church since they are just filled with divorcees and gay people, since we are called to not be yoked with these folks?

When Moses saw the burning bush and God was in the midst of the flame, was this a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus Christ?

At a soul-winning dinner some people were saying that there is no gift of evangelism, that it is an annointing on someone doing evangelism. 2. What does it mean to repent? 3. At the dinner some people were saying that a popular soul-winning method, 'The Three Circles', is not Biblical. What does Dr. Broggi think?

Eph. 4:9-10 Is the parentheses original to the text?

Our next caller says he knows "once saved, always saved" but he would like Pastor Broggi how do we interpret Hebrews 6:6?