The Bible Line - March 12, 2019

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We had a caller who wanted clarification on the medical marijuana issue...Pastor Broggi said that pharmakeia is witchcraft and that marijuana alters the mind.   How does he address legal prescriptive medications that may alter ones mind?

Why wasn't Revelation written so we can understand it better? Is there a good commentary that would better help understand this book?

Has Pastor Broggi ever heard of Immanuel approach training?

If you are visiting a church and a woman pastor starts to preach the word, which we know is not a woman's role in the church, should we get up and leave or stay and listen?

Jamie, Cleveland, Ohio - I am attending a church where the pastor and his wife are both called "pastors." I learned that a woman has a different role in the church and she can’t be a pastor. They seem to be ok with everything else but this bothers me. Is this a reason to leave a church? Another concern: Pastor mentioned Andy Stanley and T.D. Jakes in a positive light. Should I talk to him?

In Acts 9 when Saul is on the road to Damascus and has an encounter with Christ and is converted, did the apostle (now Paul) spend three years in the desert?

Jim S., Bluffton, SC - One of my family members is about to join the Orthodox Church in Beaufort. I have very little knowledge about that church, but the little I do know has me concerned. I am hoping you can educate me about this church. If he joins that will include his wife and six young children.